Top 10 Best Snocross Helmet of 2018 Review

Many people are now enjoying the sport of Snocross racing, and are enjoying the fast and exciting benefits that this sport can provide. However, it is important to consider protection when you are carrying out the sport, as it can be dangerous and the riders can reach fast speeds.

It is therefore important to consider a high quality snow cross helmet that will help you stay safe and that will provide maximum comfort when you are enjoying the sport of snocross. In this review, we will take a look at the helmets that are currently available.

Quick List of the Best Snocross Helmet of 2018:

10. Scorpion Snow Ready EXO-900 Snow Racing Snowmobile Helmet – Matte Black / Small

Scorpion Snow Ready EXO-900 Snow Racing Snowmobile Helmet - Matte Black / Small
  • Custom shield and internal breath box for the ultimate fog-free vision
  • A power cord connects the shield to your snowmobiles power source heating the shield to avoid...
  • Scorpion Snow Ready EXO-900 Snow Racing Helmet

This stylish helmet offers a shield that is custom made and a breath box that is internal and this will allow you to see through fog and will allow for better vision. There is also a power cord that connects to the shield of the helmet and heats up to avoid any fogging.

9. HJC Redline Mens CL-17 Snocross Snowmobile Helmet – MC-2 / Small

HJC Redline Men's CL-17 Snocross Snowmobile Helmet - MC-2 / Small
  • Color: MC-2
  • Size: Small
  • HJC Redline CL-17 Snocross Helmet for Men

This colorful helmet has a range of stylish patterns around it and has an internal technology, such as airflow that will flush out any humidity and heat within the helmet to provide a cool interior with moisture wicking capabilities. The helmet also has a liner and cheek pads that are removable and that are made from high-quality materials such as antibacterial fabric that will help the helmet to last for many years.

8. HMK Fly Racing F2 Carbon Dubstep Helmet, Distinct Name: Orange/Black, Gender: Mens/Unisex

This is a helmet that has a stylish graphical design on the outside and will be visible from long distances. The helmet is made from high-quality materials and is used by many Snocross riders, thanks to the stylish looks and quality of design.

7. 509 Altitude Helmet (Medium, Black Ops)

This helmet has a minimal design, but has many functions that will help the rider who is wearing it. It has a breath box for cold weather situations and has an outer shell that is made from Polly alloy thermoplastic. The helmet focuses on performance, safety and a good level of fit and has maximum amounts of crash protection for riders who are using the helmet.

6. 509 Carbon Fiber Altitude Snow Snowmobile Helmet – Gloss Black – 509-HEL-ACG

This helmet has a special interlocking fine liner that protects against accidents and crashes. There is an expanded polyurethane insert to protect the helmet from impacts and the outer shell is designed with a carbon fibre for minimum weight and maximum strength.

5. Adult Snocross Snowmobile Helmet & Goggle Combo – Matte Black , Carbon Fiber Print

Adult Snocross Snowmobile Helmet & Goggle Combo - Matte Black, Carbon Fiber Print (Large)
  • Our adult snocross combo is loaded with features!
  • Please measure for size. Each manufacturers sizing is different. SIZE CHART (Circumference of the...
  • Helmet features a comfortable removable liner, adjustable breath box, lightweight shell and is...

This stylish black biker helmet comes with goggles and a mouth mask and has been designed specifically with comfort in mind. The goggles feature a triple layer foam material, as well as lenses that have anti fog technology. There is also a case that comes to protect the lenses.

4. 509 Tactical Snow Snowmobile Helmet – Lime – Green & White – 509-HEL-TLI

509 Tactical Snow Snowmobile Helmet - Lime - Green & White - 509-HEL-TLI-_
  • Neck brace ready shell profile - Specially designed expanded polyurethane chin insert
  • Perfect 509 goggle fit - Removable, washable premium liner
  • DOT and ECE 2205 certified - Durable polycarbonate shell - Dual density, interlocking EPS lining

This bright and stylish helmet comes in a selection of stylish colors. The outer shell of the helmet is made from a durable type of polycarbonate, and there is a breath box within the helmet that is designed for different types of weather.

3. Scorpion Snow Ready VX-34 Winter Sport Racing Snowmobile Helmet – Gloss Black

Scorpion Snow Ready VX-34 Winter Sport Racing Snowmobile Helmet - Gloss Black / X-Large
  • Premium Polycarbonate shell
  • Tooless changeable Mouth vent with washable sponge filter
  • Scorpion Snow Ready VX-34 Winter Sport Racing Helmet

This helmet offers a shell that is made from polycarbonate, and also has a mouth piece with a sponge filter that is washable. The helmet is designed for the highest level of Snocross sports and racing and has chin pads and a liner that is washable and replaceable.

2. 509 Altitude Helmet Lime

509 Altitude Helmet Lime (SM)

This helmet has a distinct design, and is built with a breath box to protect from different weather conditions and to create a comfortable wearing experience. The designers have built this as a leading helmet and have set out to improve previous designs with innovation on this helmet.

1. Klim ECE Men’s F4 Snocross Snowmobile Helmet – Legacy Voltage

Klim ECE Men's F4 Motocross Motorcycle Helmet - Legacy Voltage/Large
  • Most Advanced Ventilation System In Motorsports
  • Air Induction System Supports Air-Craving Intakes
  • Eps Air Channels Continuously Introduce Fresh Air

This bright and colorful helmet comes in a range of different colors and designs and is built for those who want to ride on a pro level in the world of Snocross. The helmet comes in a large size and may not fit those with small heads. However, the helmet is built to a very high quality and should last for many years if it is looked after correctly. It has moisture wicking material, as well as chin pads that are used to create a high quality ventilation system within the helmet.

Final Thoughts

This is a selection of the best helmets that are currently on offer, and if you wish to invest in one of these, simply click on the link to read more information about the helmet. Choosing to invest in one of these helmets will mean that you have one that will last for many years and one that will be able to function effectively within the most vigorous of climates.

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