Top 10 Best Snowmobile Helmet of 2020 Review

There are a couple things to keep in mind when you’re trying to find the best snowmobile helmet, and that is how much experience the manufacturer has with building that type of helmet, and how much they know about their riders. Ventilation is a big deal, because who wants to take off riding and immediately start sweating? If your helmet is not comfortable, you will have a miserable time. Also, you want to look at what the shell is made of, because all these cheap knock-offs nowadays are coming out, and you need something that will really protect you. Another thing that you might want to look for is the removable inner liners, these are hypoallergenic and make it great when you’re trying to stay clean and happy in your gear. There is just no way to clean a traditional helmet and these liners are very convenient. These following 10 helmets are made by very reputable manufacturers, and each helmet below is built to keep you safe, warm, and comfortable in the coldest of weather, and for the longest rides.

List of the Best Snowmobile Helmet of 2020:

10. OEM Polaris Fly F2 Carbon Fiber Helmet Breath Deflector Quick Snap Liner

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The Full-Face Snowmobile Helmet w/ Electric Heated Shield by Polaris is perfect for any snowmobile ride of your choice. This is a very attractive helmet for both the starter and the more experienced riders. This Polaris Helmet design is complete with a heated electric shield, adjustable breath box, and chin skirt, opening, and closing twin top and lower air intakes, and to boot, it meets the Department of Transportation safety standards and is DOT Rated. It will offer you an adjustable airflow, a multi-positional ratchet system, and a fabric helmet bag to carry your gear in. For its affordable price, this is a very attractive and worthy buy.

9. Typhoon Helmets Adult Snowmobile Helmet Mens Womens Full Face Dual Lens Anti Fog – Flat Matte Black

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Yet another popular model but Typhoon Helmets, the Adult Full-Face Snowmobile Helmet with Dual Lens. A simple yet sleek design, this helmet gets 3.8 stars from its owners. The double pane shield with Snow-Tec anti-fog coating is said to be effective, only fogging up a little bit if you’re sitting still. It comes fully adjustable, with top and lower intakes to allow for adjustable airflow. This helmet is DOT rated and will only put you out an awesome price.

8. HJC Helmets CS-R3SN Unisex-Adult Full Face Snow Helmet with Framed Dual Lens Shield

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The Adult Full-Face Snow Flat Snowmobile Helmet with Dual Lens is the perfect option for riders that just want to get a helmet for protection and do not want to spend too much on one. This is yet another great invention by the well-known Typhoon Helmets, and they pulled out all the stops, as usual. You’ve got an opening and closing twin top, with lower air intakes that allow for adjustable airflow, you’ve got a double pane shield with Sno-Tec anti-fog coating, and you got an adjustable breath box and chin skirt that are also included. This helmet meets DOT standards for safety and is a sharp looking helmet!

7. Polaris Modular 1.5 Helmet W/Electric Shield

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The Polaris Black Full Face Modular Snowmobile Helmet with Electric Shield is a superior model helmet. Made by well-known manufacturer Polaris, this helmet comes in a sleek jet black with an electric shield. It’s shell, has an injection-molded plastic shield. For ventilation, the Polaris Full Face Modular is blessed with two intake vents, four exhaust vents. anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings, and a Polaris. decal to stick wherever you want. I don’t know how much you know about the history of the Polaris company, but they have been around since the 1950s, and one of its founders, Edgar Hetteen has been described as the father of the snowmobile. Edgar Hetteen created his first prototype in 1954 and they have been huge ever since, constructing top quality snowmobiles, ATV’s accessories and more to become an industry leader.

6. Snowmobile Helmet Modular Flip up Anti Fog Wine Red 306 (M)

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The Snowmobile Motorcycle Helmet Modular Flip Up Anti Fog 316 helmet is a very smart buy. For under fifty bucks, you get all the bells and whistles, on a very attractive helmet, that also makes a great gift! This helmet comes with an anti-fog lens, ample airflow, and a large eyespot for improved range of vision. This helmet is a quality product and holds a 4.6-star rating with previous owners.

5. FXR Fuel Modular Elite Helmet W/Electric Shield Polycarbonate Alloy Snowmobile

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The FXR Fuel Modular Elite Helmet W/ Electric Shield is a professionally made piece of equipment. Period. Attractive, comfortable, and packed with features. This helmet carries with it a five out of five-star rating from his previous owners, meaning that literally, no one has regretted buying this helmet. It comes with a lightweight shell, made of Impact Resistant Polycarbonate/ABS Alloy, a dual density liner, and even an impact resistant latch system. The electrical shield will give you anti-fog protection, has an anti-scratch shield, UV filtering, ultra-high chin lift bar, release button, and a removable washable comfort liner for added comfort. FXR is a reputable manufacturer that has been almost 20 years now, and part of the reason is so good at designing their products, is because of the owner, Milt Reimer raced motocross for over 10 years before he started this company. FXR puts a lot of time into the fit, a lot of time into comfort, and a lot of time into the ventilation and they have become a trusted name in their market.

4. FXR – Helmet – Torque Core – Spec Ops

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The FXR Snowmobile Helmet is a lightweight helmet manufactured by FXR. The shell is made from aerospace grade carbon fiber, Kevlar, and fiberglass. The visor is roost glove friendly and protects from snow and fog. This stylish FXR brand helmet comes with an extended rubber nose, dual density, EPS liner, and a rear diffuser. Progressive density cheek pads offer added comfort as well. This helmet has 10 intake vents and four exhaust ports, as well as a removable breath box, and a removable comfort liner with a quick release buckle so that you can keep your gear smelling good and feeling great! All around, one of the best snowmobile helmets on the open market today!

3. IV2 Mars Dual Visor Modular Flip Up Matte Black with White Stripes Motorcycle Snowmobile Helmet

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The IV2 Mars Dual Visor Modular Flip Snowmobile Helmet is really an amazing buy for just $90. Aside from the fact that the helmet is very appealing to look at, this helmet happens to be the IV2 most advanced modular dual visor helmet on the market. This helmet incorporates a one-button, one hand flips up system, allowing you to convert the helmet from the full-face to an open-face very easily. Anti-scratch helmet and lens with an easy control retractable sun visor, and an advanced ventilation system with 10 ventilation ports. The IV2 Mars Dual Visor Modular Slipup Motorcycle Snowmobile Helmet is DOT approved and safety tested. For under hundred dollars, you’re really getting the features are a $250 helmet here so that’s not bad. The IV2 holds a 4-star rating with its buyers.

2. GMax GM11D Expedition Matte Black/Hi-Viz Green Dual Sport Helmet

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The GMax GM11D Expedition Matte Black/Hi-Viz Green Dual Sport Helmet carries features with it that are usually only found on the higher price model helmets. This helmet is DOT approved, quickly convertible into a visor-less configuration, and has a decent liner in it to keep you warm in the cold. This is a very attractive helmet, and you can tell they put a lot of time into designing it, and GMAX is a known quality manufacturer of various types of helmets.

1. 509 Altitude Carbon Fiber Chris Burandt Snowmobile Helmet

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The 509 Altitude Carbon Fiber Chris Burandt Snowmobile Helmet is probably the only one of the most attractive helmets on the market. It has a five-star rating with its fans and previous owners, a perfect 509 goggle fit, a washable premium liner, and a dual durable polycarbonate shell. There are integrated front and top intake vents, as well as rear exhaust fans. This helmet is DOT and ECE 2205 certified. This company manufactures quality products and puts a lot of time and money into making their products comfortable, and tough as nails. Chris Burandt began riding snowmobiles at six years old, and then went on to win a Gold medal for riding snowmobiles, and you can rest assured that his products are top quality.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is, that you can buy a helmet ranging from anywhere between $30 and $500 or more. On the lower end, however, you will be fighting against poorly manufactured materials and parts, and it’s just not worth it to waste the money. You want to stay above the price of about fifty bucks because it takes a certain amount of money to manufacture these products, and when you get below that, chances are the manufacturers are taking shortcuts that unfortunately will not last. All the snowmobile helmets listed above are from very reputable manufacturers who came from this industry and know what we’re looking for in a helmet. You can’t go wrong with any of the helmets listed above, and you can tell by the reviews they get!

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