Top 10 Best Wood Burning Cook Stoves of 2020 Review

Wood burning cook stove has become very affordable, and they help the user to cook, heat as well as baking. Due to the many stoves available in the market the user can be confused when buying the product. We have given you 10 wood burning cook stoves that have different features. They are all made of quality material, and they are efficient.

List of the Best Wood Burning Cook Stoves of 2020:

10. Outback Chef Wood Cook Stove


The color and the design of this wood cook stove makes it ideal to fit in any décor. It is made of enameled cast iron. It can be used for cooking and baking sing the baking oven. It has 27k BTU’s, and it is a very significant source of heat. It is a bit expensive, but the amazing features will blow your mind. It is worth every dollar you spend to get it.

9. Landove NextStep Serenity Wood Pellet Stove with Smart Controller

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It has a fire chamber that is on the left. This position allows it to provide heat for that baking oven on the right and the cooking top. It is very safe to use making it user-friendly. The stove can be utilized for heating and also cook. It is made of a high-quality material that helps in making it very reliable and also durable. It does not consume a lot of wood.

8. Vermont Castings 2461 Catalyic Cast Iron Stove

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It features cast iron cooktop, wood drawer, a large baking oven and plates and rings that are in cast iron. It comes with a very simple design. The stove has been said to be of high quality, and it has an easy and efficient heating and cooking system. The stove is also very dependable. This is the stove you need to spend your money on. It will give you excellent service, and it will not disappoint you at all.

7. Pleasant Hearth 2,200 Square Feet Wood Burning Stove, Large

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This stove heats up to 2,200 square feet. It has legs and blower that can heat up to 77,000 Btu’s. The stove pipe has a sliding draft control above the door. It also has a variable speed fan. The stove can burn for 8-10 hours in just one fueling. It is EPA approved, and it is very efficient. The wood burning stove has a ceramic glass window, an air wash system and bricked lined firebox.

6. Wood Burning Cook Stove La Nordica “America Cream” Cooking Stove Range

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This wood burning stove comes unmatched when it comes to heat output, price, and size. It will give you a whole new experience when it comes to cooking and heating. It has a firebox, baking oven, hearth, cooktop and burners centered chimney. The body of this wood burning cook stove is made of a cast iron. The wood burning cook stove features 34k BTUs. Be sure to have this product for you to enjoy its features.

5. Comfort Smart Jackson Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove Heater

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La Nordica is one of the best wood-burning cooking stove in the market. Its quality and effectiveness make it preferred by many users. It has been highly reviewed on different review sites due to its efficiency, durability, and safety. It can be used for cooking as well as providing heat for your home. There is no excuse for you not to have this cooking stove in your home. It will not disappoint you.

4. Hiflame 85,000BTU/h Extra Large Wood Burning Stove HF577DU

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This wood burning cook stove comes with cast iron cooktop and wood drawer. It has a very efficient combustion system that makes it very useful. The baking oven is large enough to accommodate what the user wants to bake. Its design makes it perfect for use in any home décor. It has a modern look that is very attractive. To get this wood burning stove, you have to be ready to spend your money on the product.

3. Vogelzang TR001 Defender EPA Wood Stove

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The design of this wood burning cook stove makes it a perfect fit for any home. It promises to deliver quality and safety to the user. It has been proven to be very effective, and it is also very durable. This product can be relied on as a primary source of heat as well as the main source for cooking. The fire chamber is on the left, and it provides heat for the oven on the left and the cooking top that is above.

2. Ashley AF700 Epa Certified Wood Furnace, 140000 BTU

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This product can be used for the kitchen, heating, and even baking; It has a large oven for baking. The wood burning stove has cast iron on the plates, rings, and frame. It comes highly recommended by people who have used it. The stove produces heat that is perfect for the house making it ideal for use during the cold weather. The firebox provides enough space for you to put the amount of wood that you want.

1. Boru Carraig Mor Wood Stove

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This wood burning stove comes with a baking oven. It as a cast iron cooking top, frame, plates, and rings. The stove has Maiolica side panels that are installed. It has a significant amount of heat which it emits for cooking. It is very durable and has been made in such a way that it guarantees the user durability, safety, efficiency and also quality all in the same product. Get yourself one today.


The wood burning cook stoves are all highly recommended due to their effectiveness and quality. They come with different features, and they all guarantee the user quality service. You have to be sure that you choose the wood burning cook stove that is of your taste and preference and one that you can be able to afford. This list is just ideal for any user.

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