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Top 10 Best Bluetooth Keyboards for iPad Air in 2017 Reviews

The iPad Air is certainly a powerful, portable, electronic device that allows users to perform many if not all of the same daily functions as a larger sized laptop computer. Although the onscreen keyboard is fine for smaller projects and short length typing tasks, such as writing down a message or sending a text, many users prefer an actual keyboard for those serious typing sessions. External keyboards are the best of both worlds. This is due to the fact that they offer users with the same tangible advantages that full size keyboards provide, but with the added function of being lightweight and extremely portable.

Although the iPad supports most external Bluetooth based keyboards there are certainly a plethora of choices on the market. It is crucial to choose the proper one in order to ensure that you will have an excellent typing experience. All of the following products made our list of the best bluetooth keyboard for iPad air reviews based on their high level of functionality and quality, along with having extremely reasonable and cost effective price tags.

10. Anker Bluetooth Ultra-Slim Keyboard for iPad Air 2

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The Anker Bluetooth Ultra-Slim Keyboard is cross compatible, which means that it works great with all iOS, Android, Mac and Windows platforms. This keyboard even has shortcut keys for all four systems. It is light weight and compact. As a matter of fact this terrific keyboard is thirty-percent smaller than those traditional, clunky keyboards. It is as light as a billiard ball, weighing in at only 6.7-ounces. Enjoy the comfortable keys that allow you to type quietly and effortlessly. Another great feature is the super low power consumption. Batteries last over three months when the keyboard is used for up to two hours per day. There is also a power-saving mode, and space for two AAA batteries.

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9. TeckNet X360 Ultra-Thin Apple iPad Air Bluetooth Keyboard

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The TeckNet X360 Ultra-Thin Apple iPad Air Bluetooth Keyboard is specifically made for the iPad Air 1st Generation. It perfectly complements the devices thin, lightweight design style, and turns your iPad into a mini laptop computer. The Bluetooth keyboard also doubles as a screen protector, and easy to use viewing stand. Easily push the iPad Air into the unique iPad hinge-slot and let the powerful magnets grip the iPad Air securely to instantly give your iPad Air a keyboard and a protective cover that also acts as a multi-angle stand for easy viewing and typing. This device uses a standard Mac format keyboard layout, the larger keys give you a familiar and comfortable typing experience and saves screen space. You can also view content while you type without the on-screen keyboard getting in the way. The built-in hinges allow the iPad Air be tilted up to 110-degrees in order to provide you with the most comfortable viewing position for typing or viewing photos and movies. The unique slot design has powerful magnets that securely attach your iPad Air effectively preventing it from slipping out of the keyboard.

8. iPad Air Keyboard Case By iEGrow

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This Bluetooth Keyboard Case By iEGrow makes your iPad Air more than a touch-screen tablet. Simply pair it with your iPad Air, and enjoy your new MacBook. This keyboard case incorporates an ultra-thin design concept. The shaft bracket design has the ability to change from any angle so that you can view your iPad from the most comfortable angle possible. In fact the standing angle can be tilted as much as 135 degrees. The incredibly effective backlighting design provides you with various brightness levels. Save you battery life with the automatic sleep mode function.

7. Snugg Brand iPad Air 360° Rotatable Keyboard Case

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The innovative design of the Snugg Brand iPad Air 360° Rotatable Keyboard Case combines a wireless keyboard with a built-in 360-degree rotating iPad stand. This tablet protecting case is smart, sleek and resilient. Easily slot your iPad Air into the ultra-thin PC case in order to safely secure your device. You can then pair the wireless keyboard over Bluetooth with your iPad. Once they are connected, the features include a home screen key that allows you to quickly exit an application. The shortcut combination keys work as well. You do not need batteries, simply charge the keyboard with the included USB cable. You can actually take your iPad out of the case and still use the keyboard because it works up to a distance of ten meters. This is an incredible feature when you working on something in a group or conference situation and everyone needs to see the screen.

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6. Logitech Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover for iPad Air

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How do you make your iPad an even better device? The answer is easy. Protect it with the Logitech Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover for iPad Air that doubles as a wireless keyboard for your iPad. The Bluetooth keyboard provides you with an incredibly fast, fluid, and comfortable typing experience that has that reassuring click that you have come to rely on with real keys. Despite its smaller size, the key size has been maximized. There is absolutely no learning curve due to the fact that this device uses the same keys as all standard keyboards.

5. iPad Air Keyboard By JETech

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The iPad Air Keyboard By JETech is perfectly designed for the iPad Air 1st Edition. This ultra-low profile keyboard, with optimized key design for comfortable and fast-typing experience, features classic Apple functions along with iOS commands. The high-quality hard clamshell case provides full-body protection to keep your iPad free from scratches, wear and tear, while providing full access to all ports. Enjoy the multi-adjustable stand for 360-degree vertical and horizontal orientations. This Keyboard connects automatically. In order to save you battery life, the power-saving mode is triggered after ten minutes of inactivity. The rechargeable lithium battery provides you with up to sixty hours of continuous usage on a single charge.

4. iPad Air 2 Keyboard Case By New Trent

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The: iPad Air 2 Keyboard Case By New Trent is compatible with the Apple iPad Air, and iPad Air 2 only. Please note that this keyboard will not fit iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2 and iPad first generation products. This product is manufactured with a high quality hard clamshell case with matte finish. The ultra-low profile Bluetooth keyboard, with spacious, optimized key design, provides users with an extremely comfortable typing experience. The rotational hinge design, combined with the metal foldable handle stand allows for 360 degree iPad Air orientations, and 90 to 150-degree stable tilting angles. This case is perfect for use in the home, at work, or while traveling.

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3. Airbender 1.0 iPad Keyboard Case By New Trent

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The Airbender 1.0 keyboard case is compatible with iPad 4, iPad 3, & iPad 2 only. This keyboard will not fit the iPad first generation, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini or iPad Pro. You will absolutely enjoy this ultra-low profile Bluetooth keyboard that measures in at less than a half inch thick. It also has optimized key design for a comfortable typing experience. The multi-adjustable stand is perfect to position your device in vertical and horizontal positions. The Airbender is a high quality, hard, clamshell iPad keyboard case with matte finish.

2. Fintie Blade Z1 iPad Air Keyboard Cover

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The Fintie Blade Z1 iPad Air Keyboard Cover is designed for the iPad Air-Pad 5. This device is a clip-and-go, ultra slim, 8mm lightweight, Bluetooth keyboard with a ten-meter range that allows you to work while on the go. There is a built in auto sleep/wake function so you can use it as an alarm clock as well. The multi-angled design provides you with the ability to dock your tablet into the most comfortable typing positions. This product is available with either a gray or silver finish.

1. Trent Airbender 3.0 Wireless Bluetooth iPad Air Keyboard Case with Detachable Re-designed Durable Corners for Apple iPad Air/iPad Air 2 – Black

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Introducing the Airbender 3.0, the upgraded all-in-one wireless Bluetooth keyboard case that has been designed specifically for your iPad Air/Air 2. Stylish design, metal hinge, well-rounded protection with a reliable Bluetooth connection all compacted into a lightweight design weighing just two pounds with the iPad installed. Enjoy your iPad Air even more, especially when you are out and about.