Top 10 Best Back Support For Office Chair of 2020 Review

When you stop to think about how much time we spend sitting each day, it is pretty mind-boggling. If you work in an office, even deducting two hours for lunch, breaks and going to deliver something, we sit at our desks about six hours per day, thirty hours per week or one thousand, five hundred hours per year. Add to that about another hour per day we sit while driving to work, which comes to another two hundred and forty hours and the grand total is now one thousand, seven hundred and forty hours we sit..and that is just the time we sit while working. If you want to include the time at home, you can add another twenty to thirty hours per week. Here, we will focus on the time usually spent sitting at work. We really need to take better care of ourselves because all of that time spent sitting does have a tremendous and detrimental effect on our health, especially our spine. It sometimes happens immediately, but will always eventually wind up hurting us. So it should make sense that you find a way to lessen that stress on your back. Here are a few options for the best back support for office chair that you can use at work, home and even use them in your car.

List of the Best Back Support For Office Chair of 2020:

10. Cool & Breathable Mesh Support – Lumbar Support Cushion Seat Back Muscle Car Home Office Chair Pain Relief Travel

PrimeTrendz Cool & Breathable Mesh Support - Lumbar Support Cushion Seat Back Muscle Car Home Office...Get it now on

If you spend a lot of time at your computer, the ergonomic design of this product provides maximum support and comfort while you are seated. It works well providing back support for office chairs and the elastic band that goes around the back of the chair helps secure this support so that it stays in place, without moving. If you do need to adjust it, it is very easy to reach back and move it higher or lower to better support your spine. While helping to promote correct sitting posture, it is also lightweight and easy to take with you, so that you can use it in your home, office or even your car or truck.

9. Easy Posture Lumbar Back Support Mesh

PrimeTrendz Cool & Breathable Mesh Support - Lumbar Support Cushion Seat Back Muscle Car Home Office...Get it now on

If you suffer from back pain and have to sit for long hours, the Easy Posture Back Support gives you perfect lumbar back support whether you use it on an office chair or in your vehicle. This product is designed to contour to your back and helps to correct your posture so that you sit correctly and put less strain on your lower spine. The lower back support helps to relieve the back discomfort and pain we all experience when we have to sit or drive for long periods of time. The mesh is lightweight and breathable so it allows for proper air circulation and, because the product does not retain heat, it helps to keep you more comfortable than many other products. It is also easy to reposition it higher or lower, depending on where you need additional back support; since it is lightweight, it is also very easy to take it with you, wherever you go.

8. Chair Lumbar Support by Vive (Gray)

Xtra-Comfort Lumbar Support Cushion - Lower Back Pillow for Office Chair, Car, Men, Women, Gaming -...Get it now on

The ergonomic contours of this product were designed to conform to your spine, which helps soothe lower back pain by improving your posture while you sit. The molded foam construction of this product provides the perfect balance of support and cushion. It is also designed to be easily portable and fits any type of seat you may have, indoors or out, including your vehicle. The durable cloth cover over the foam lumbar support can be removed, so it is also easy to clean. Vive also offers a Lifetime Guarantee for this product.

7. Premium Therapeutic Grade Lumbar Support Cushion with Pain Free Guarantee by Desk Jockey

Lumbar Pillow Support Cushion - Clinical Grade Memory Foam Orthopedic for Car Driving & Office...Get it now on

The patented Intelligent Lumbar Support System of this cushion helps eliminate back pain by totally aligning your spine, neck, shoulders, and pelvis. It is made with 100% Therapeutic-Grade memory foam that conforms to the natural curvature of your spine to help keep you comfortable while you sit or drive. It has a removable velour cover so that it is easy to clean. There is also an elastic strap for carrying the cushion or securing it to your seat. If you have to sit at your computer or drive for a long time, this is another great lumbar support product.

6. Travelon Cool Mesh Back Support System ( BLACK ONLY)

Travelon Cool Mesh Back Support System, Black, One SizeGet it now on

The Cool Mesh Back Support is the perfect design for use at home, work or in your vehicle. The ergonomic design provides great lumbar support and is easily adjustable, higher or lower, providing a perfect fit where you need the support most. The mesh fabric allows for proper air flow to provide cool comfort, which is especially helpful when you have to sit or drive for any extended periods of time; pregnant mothers also love the relief they get when they use this product. It was designed to be easily portable and to easily attach to any seat with an adjustable elastic strap.

5. Lumbar Support, LuxFit Premium Deluxe Lumbar Support Cushion High Quality Memory Foam!

Lumbar Support, LuxFit Premium Deluxe Lumbar Support Cushion High Quality Memory Foam! '2 Year...Get it now on

The LuxFit memory foam lumbar support cushion is designed to contour to and support the curves of your back and to give you a comfortable, custom fit. The back support cushion’s medium firmness easily supports the spinal curve and makes sitting more comfortable, whether it is in front of your computer, watching television or driving for a long stretch of time. It has a soft microfiber cover that protects the orthopedically shaped memory foam pillow inside; it is also removable so that you can easily clean it.

4. BackGuard™ – Premium Lower Back Pain Cushion

SimplePosture Lower Back Pain Cushion - Specially Designed for Maximum Lumbar Support and Back Pain...Get it now on

If you have ever experienced pain or tightness in your lower back from sitting, then the Backguard is a product made for you. It has a high-density memory foam cushion that helps you to sit properly, which helps relieve the pain and pressure we get when we sit for too long. Designed to be lightweight and easily moved, it also has a durable, adjustable strap that keeps it in place at home, work or on the road. The breathable mesh design allows for proper air circulation, which makes it comfortable to use, no matter how long you sit or drive.

3. Fellowes Professional Series Back Support, Black (8037601)

Fellowes Professional Series Back Support, Black (8037601)Get it now on

The professional design of this back support allows for optimal working comfort and is ideal for anyone who has to sit at their computer or drive for long periods of time. It has an A2-tiered support system that features a mid-spinal support for good posture, and a lower lumbar support that conforms to your spine’s natural contours. The patented Tri-Tachment system secures the position of this back support and eliminates the need for readjustment once you have attached it to your chair or car seat. The memory foam cushions self-adjust for custom support and they are made with Microban antimicrobial protection to keep the support cleaner.

2. Love Home Memory Foam 3d Ventilative Mesh Lumbar Support Cushion Back Cushion

LOVEHOME Memory Foam Lumbar Support Back Cushion with 3D Mesh Cover Balanced Firmness Designed for...Get it now on

This lumbar support cushion has a ventilated hand washable, mesh cover with a zipper for easy-care removal and an elasticized belt to secure it to any seat, at home, in the office or in your vehicle. The patented 3-D Mesh Fabric allows proper air circulation to keep you cool and comfortable as you sit or drive. The contoured cushion extends from the base of the spine up to the lower-midpoint of the back and helps to improve your posture while it reduces stress on your spine and in turn, helps to alleviate lower back pain. Lightweight in its design, it is easy to move and has an integrated strapping system (with a one strap extender included for wider seats) to attach it securely to any seat.

1. Duro-Med Relax-a-Bac, Lumbar Back Support Cushion Pillow

DMI Lumbar Support Pillow for Office or Kitchen Chair, Car Seat or Wheelchair Comes with Removable...Get it now on

The orthopedic, contoured design of this support hugs your back and helps to keep your spine in proper alignment. There is also an additional solid board insert included that adds more advanced support, if you need it. The cushion has a highly-resilient foam that keeps its shape over time and an elastic strap secures it to any seat. It has a removable cloth cover that is machine washable, so it is easy to care for. It is also recommended by chiropractors because of the way it properly supports the spine and lower back, and because it helps to improve proper sitting posture and proper alignment in the spine. This cushion works for someone who just gets back stress and fatigue after a long day and for those who suffer from chronic back pain. It is great to use whenever you have to spend a long time sitting at your desk, at home or in your vehicle.

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