Top 10 Best Diversion Safes that Look Like Something Else

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Diversion safes come in different shapes and sizes. They also come in various forms so that they can be undetectable. The safes are unique and form an excellent way to hide away your valuable items without to a lot of attention to the user or the safe. The price of these safes is very affordable making these safes ideal for anyone.

Quick List:

10. Stalwart 82-5894 Wall Clock with Hidden Safe

Hidden Compartment Wall Clock–10” Battery Operated Working Analog Clock with Secret Interior...
  • DISCRETE STORAGE: Keep jewelry, extra cash, your bank cards or other small valuables safe in this...
  • FULLY FUNCTIONING: The hidden compartment of this product sits behind a fully functioning analog...
  • SIMPLE DESIGN: Easy to hang and to open. Conveniently uses a single AA battery. Face of clock is...

This clock comes in silver, and it is a fully functioning clock plus safe. You can hang it on your wall and also use it to store your jewelry, cash and credit cards. It can also fit other small valuables. It is very safe and will not easily give away its function as a safe. It comes at a very affordable price making it an excellent choice for any user.


It has a brilliant and unique design. It is very new making it very safe and secure since many do not know about it. It provides a great hiding spot for the user to store some of the valuable items without raising any suspicion. It weighs over one pound making it ideal. You can store it with the rest of your tools without making it noticeable. You should try this safe.

8. Arizona Green Tea Diversion Safe Stash Can

Arizona Green Tea Diversion Safe Stash Can w HumanFriendly Smell-Proof Bag
  • HIDE YOUR VALUABLES in plain sight with this popular stash can. Having a refreshing can of green tea...
  • AUTHENTIC - Made from a real 23 fl oz Arizona Green Tea can. You could easily place this among a...
  • WEIGHTED CAN - feels like it is unopened and full of liquid, even though there is nothing inside.

It is made from the Arizona green tea can that makes it unsuspicious. The user can leave it lying around without worrying about someone setting it apart. The can feels unopened and full of liquid. The safe is opened by unscrewing the top aluminum lid very quickly. It is smell proof making it very safe and secure. There is no excuse why should not own this inexpensive safe that will serve you very well.

7. iMounTEK Home Security Steel Book Diversion Safe with Lock, Two Keys

iMounTEK Home Security Steel Dictionary Book Safe (Key-Locked, Two Keys, Diversion Safe, "The New...
  • DICTIONARY STEEL SAFE - This book safe reads "The New English Dictionary" on the outside, and has...
  • SECURE - This safe is 100% secure with your belongings. Seals tightly and without the key is thief...
  • TWO KEYS INCLUDED - Contains two keys with key ring, so you can keep one with you and stash the...

This safe takes the shape of a dictionary on the outside, and it has a hardcover book look too. It has a stainless steel box that has overlapping edged for security. The weight of this safe is just like that of the standard book making it great. It comes with two keys that you can use to access the content of the safe. The safe does not require self- lock so as to prevent the user from accidentally locking the key inside the safe.

6. Hair Brush Diversion Safe Stash

Hair Brush Diversion Safe Stash with Smell Proof Bag by Stash-it - Can Safe - Secret lid on top...
  • HIDE OR STORE YOUR VALUABLES: Secret false top unscrews to display hidden stash safe.
  • FOR AT HOME OR ON-THE-GO: Take it with you wherever you go without drawing attention to your...
  • HAS THE LOOK AND FEEL OF A REAL HAIR BRUSH: Fully functional diversion product.

This hair brush has a false top that one can unscrew to get access to the hidden trash. You can use it at home and when traveling without drawing too much attention. The safe looks and feels like a real hairbrush. You do not have to worry anymore about where to hide your items. This hairbrush provides you with a convenient way to store them. You must get one today.

5. Faux Book Safe Set

2pc Faux Book Safe Set
  • Open these books to reveal a secret storage compartment, which is really a truly unique safe!
  • Our 2 Piece Faux Book Safe Set is an excellent place to hide cash and important papers within the...
  • Discrete with an intricate designed exterior - looks like an antique classic! Beautiful decor piece!

This safe comes in two books that can be easily fitted to your bookshelf. It provides an excellent way to hide important papers in the book. The books have an antique, classic look making the design perfect. The small book has an inner compartment so does the large book. The price of this safe is very friendly to the user. With this safe, your items will be held in the very securely.

4. Aquafina Water Bottle Diversion Safe Can Stash Bottle Hidden Security

Aquafina Water Bottle Diversion Safe Can Stash Bottle Hidden Security
  • Made from real water bottle, helps to hide valuables
  • The graphics on the bottle may vary due to seasonal changes, or movie promotions, or marketing...
  • Due to shipping safety regulation, the top compartment will be shipped without water inside

This safe is made with a real water bottle. The graphics on the bottle change from time to time due to seasonal change and even region campaigns from the company. The top compartment should have water while the lower compartment should be used to store your items. Even the brightest thief cannot be able to tell this safe due to its simplicity. It is highly recommended by its users, and it guarantees the user safety.

3. US Patrol Hidden Wall Safe Secret Stash Electrical Plug

US Patrol Hidden Wall Safe Secret Stash Electrical Plug
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Excellent Quality.
  • Great Gift Idea.

It looks like a fake AC plug that helps you to lock and keep some valuable items safe. It comes with a key that allows you to lock and unlock the plug safe very quickly. It comes at a very reasonable price, and it will help keep your items very safe. It will allow you to hide your valuable items in plain sight. You no longer have to worry about where to store your items again.

2. RamPro Hide-a-Spare-Key Fake Rock

Ram-Pro Hide-a-Spare-Key Fake Rock - Looks & Feels like Real Stone - Safe for Outdoor Garden or...
  • Key holder that looks just like, well a rock
  • Ingenious way to hide key 'in plain sight' so you or family members are never locked out again
  • Molded poly-resin matches real rock in size, shape, texture,color weight weatherproof/windproof

This safe looks just like a rock, and it can fit very well in the outdoors. It provides you with a way to hide your key in a very open place without drawing too much attention. You can store it in your backyard so as to make it accessible when you or your family member is locked out. It is waterproof and windproof making it very safe. The safe is made with molded poly-resin to make it match a real rock regarding color and size.

1. Stalwart Diversion Dictionary Book Safe w/ Key Lock

Trademark Home Dictionary Diversion Book Safe with Key Lock, Metal, Dark Blue - Full Size
  • Looks like a real book and will blend seamlessly into your bookshelf
  • Contains a metal safe with a key lock
  • Two keys included

This safe looks like an actual book and this allow you to blend very well on any bookshelf. You do not have to worry about the book safe being noticeable. It comes with a metal safe and a key lock to help you in restricting access to the content of the safe. It comes at a very affordable price making it perfect for any user. You can use it to store cash, credit cards, and even jewelry.

Final Thoughts

What we have listed for you are amazing products. They are completely undetectable making them the perfect modes of hiding the valuable items. The diversion safes are made of high quality, and they can serve the user very well. For anyone who wants security in plain sight, this is the go-to products. They are readily available on our site.

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