Top 10 Best Skating Shoes for Kids of 2020 Review

If you would like to give your kids a fun activity to enjoy outdoors, you should consider getting them a pair of skates. There are many skating shoes out there but you should ensure you get them the best skating shoes for kids. In determining the best, you need to take into consideration safety, comfort, style as well as performance. It may not be easy to go through all the different skating shoes out there to find the best, and we would know that since that is exactly what we have done. After checking out the different skating shoes that claim to be the best, we have compiled a list of those that are truly great for the kids from some of the famous brands out there. The criteria for choosing these as the best is based on how safe and how much fun the kids will have with the skating shoes.

Summary List of the Best Skating Shoes for Kids of 2020:

10. American Athletic Shoe Girl’s Tricot Lined Ice Skates

American Athletic Shoe Girl's Tricot Lined Ice Skates, White, 13Get it now on

These are professional grade skates with extra padding for comfort and support for the ankles to provide extra safety. They are very good for entry level figure skating. They are also very easy to care for thanks to the PVC boot material. Your girl will really enjoy learning to skate in these and you will be assured that she is safe.

9. Roller Derby Boy’s Stinger 5.2 Adjustable Inline Skate

Roller Derby Boy's Stinger 2-5 Adjustable Inline Skate, MediumGet it now on

These adjustable skates look really good and they perform just as well. They are designed for boys and they have a 5-speed capability which increases the thrill of skating. They have extra support which makes it easier to learn how to use them as well as provides added safety from sprains and twists as they skate. Roller Derby skates are durable and easy to clean and are made by a company with more than 80 years of experience in the industry.

8. Roller Derby Firestar Boy’s Roller Skate

Roller Derby Firestar Boy's Roller Skate, Size- 12Get it now on

These skates are handmade which gives them their unique look. They are also quite comfortable and lightweight, great for kids who are always on the go. Your kids will be safe and comfortable in these skates and they will have a lot of fun in them. They are quite stable which makes them easier to learn how to skate in and when they are experts, they will enjoy the speed.

7. Lake Placid Girls Nitro 8.8 Adjustable Figure Ice Skate

Lake Placid Girls Nitro 8.8 Adjustable Figure Ice Skate, White, LargeGet it now on

These girls’ skates are very easy to put on with the adjustable straps. They are soft on the inside but hard on the outside to provide comfort and protection at the same time. The blades are heat treated to make them strong. The Nitro 8.8 are push button adjustable which makes it easy to adjust to fit the size of your child’s feet.

6. Roller Derby Firestar Girl’s Roller

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This is one of the best skating shoes for kids because of its sporty design. Your child will look cool and sporty in them but that is not all. They are quite safe and comfortable and depending on the level of experience, can be used for racing. They tick all the boxes for best skating shoes.

5. Roller Derby Girl’s Stinger 5.2 Adjustable Inline Skate

Roller Derby Girl's Stinger Adjustable Inline SkatesGet it now on

The design will really impress your little girl and the performance is just as impressive. They are made to be easy to fasten and to provide good support for the feet and ankles to prevent any injury from twists and turns. These are skates that will last long and your girl may even outgrow them and they will still be usable.

4. Jackson Ultima Glacier GS181 Kids

Jackson Ultima GS181 Misses Figure Skates - Size 2 JuniorGet it now on

The outer material is designed to keep your child’s feet warm while they are on the ice. They are also well padded to provide comfort and protection and once they have the hang of skating, they will get to enjoy the true performance ability of these skates as they glide on the ice.

3. American Athletic Shoe Boy’s Ice Force Hockey Skates

American Athletic Shoe Boy's Ice Force Hockey Skates, Black, 12 YGet it now on

These are the perfect skates to get your boy interested in ice hockey. They were designed for sport and so they are hard on the outside and soft on the outside with extra safety and comfort given what they will have to do as the kid is playing. They have a good braking ability and also good speed for competitive sport.

2. Fisher-Price Grow-with-Me 1,2,3 Roller Skates

Fisher-Price Grow with Me 1,2,3 Roller Skates, GreenGet it now on

Fisher roller skates are great for young kids to learn how to skate. You can even lock one wheel so that they are able to walk in them and just get the feel of being in skates. The bright colors will be attractive to them and they can be adjusted for sizes 1,2 and 3. They have added stability to help them learn how to skate

1. Riedell 113 2015 Model Figure Skates Sparkle

Riedell 113 Sparkle/Womens Beginner/Soft Figure Ice Skates/Color: White and Violet/Size: 6Get it now on

These are stylish and very comfortable. Even teens would love these skates. They are indeed the best skating shoes for kids who like the ice. They are just right to have fun in and are good for both young and old.

Final Thoughts

So there you have the best skating shoes for kids this year and you can just make a choice whether you would like roller skates or ice skates depending on your child’s preference.

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