Top 10 Best Ski Helmets of 2024 Review

After hours of extensive research, we have assembled the top 10 best ski helmets list of all time. We picked well-known manufacturers, that design superior protection gear and make waves in their industry. We picked helmets that were the most attractive, warmest, and most comfortable, according to customer reviews. We watched famous skiers and champions speak about these products, and our list comes highly recommended. Smith Optics, for example, has numerous famous athletes and skiers of all types that are spokespeople for them. All of the products we picked come from manufacturers that design their products by the highest quality standards and don’t make costly sacrifices. If you decide on any of the choices that made it to our top 10 list. we have no questions that you will be safe, and satisfied!

List of the Best Ski Helmets of 2024:

10. POC Fornix Helmet

POC Fornix Helmet

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Swedish company. Years of experience. One goal. POC gear has been worn by Olympic medalists and all types of sports athletes and cyclists. They have a strong mission to protect people, and you couldn’t be in better hands, (or should I say helmets?) that with POC. The POC Fornix Helmet has Aramid Bridge Reinforcements for structural stability, protecting your life from high impact crashes and giving you the security you need to ride worry-free. Sufficient venting, with a total of 10 vents and agog, and the POC Fornix incorporates a quick chin strap and goggle clip for quick tightening and release. A Turn Ring adjustment system secures this POC helmet snugly in place, and the POC Fornix also comes in a variety of colors, so you can personalize your helmet to your specific taste. POC has been around since 2005 and goes overboard to supply industry standard sports safety products. This POC Fornix Helmet has a 4.4 star rating out of 27 previous buyers, and this design is sort of a basic and classy look with the bold POC icon in white on a midnight blue.

9. Salomon MTN Charge Snow

Salomon MTN Charge Snow

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Salomon is a family owned business that has been designing and manufacturing skis and sports gear since 1947. Becoming a legend of their own kind shortly after surfacing, the Salomon name has been trusted for quite some time now. Salomon is dedicated to safety, comfort, and free playing! Salomon has developed a whole sporting gear and apparel line that quickly became a favorite to many athletes and enthusiasts, and is still setting the pace across multiple industries. This Salomon MTN Charge snow helmet comes in black, navy and black, or orange and black, and has removable ear pads, making it the ideal helmet for use in any season. Salomon MTN Charge Snow Helmet is not rated yet on this particular Amazon channel, but every single one of Solomons other helmets that ARE rated… is rated 5 stars! Salomon stands behind their products also! See the manufacturers website!

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8. Smith Optics Unisex Adult Vantage Snow Sports Helmet

Smith Optics Unisex Adult Vantage Snow Sports Helmet

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Dr. Bob Smith developed his first sealed thermal lens and breathable goggles to overcome minor obstacles out in the snow, allowing him to enjoy playing more after work when everyone else would have to head in. With the human head in his hands most of his life as an orthodontist, and his head out in the clouds skiing the rest of the time, Dr. Bob Smith used his experience out in the snow and his other expertise to create a brand of sports gear that has developed over the years into an industry leader and trusted name brand in the sports gear industry. With well-known athletes peppered across their website endorsing them as the “best of the best”, and customer reviews that almost make your tears well up, the Smith Optics line can be expected to deliver a top quality, remarkably designed favorite for you to add to your list. Simple, warm and secure, this helmet will allow just enough air flow through to keep you comfortable on those all day jams when you lose track of time and stay cutting it up all day. With more colors and styles that we have seen in any other helmet, the Smith Optics Vantage is adjustable, durable, low profile, and up to safety standards. (ASTM F 2040, CE EN 1077 Certified) The Vantage is Skull-candy, Bluetooth, and twin tip link phone/audio compatible, with systems available to insert to bring your tunes with you. Smith Optics Unisex Adult Vantage Snow Sports Helmet is 4.4 stars rated with over 70 happy customers and is of the best design quality available for skiers!

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7. ZIONOR Lagopus H1 Ski Snowboard Skate Helmet

ZIONOR Lagopus H1 Ski Snowboard Skate Helmet

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ZIONOR has over 8 years of experience as one of the sports gear industry’s favorite brands. Specializing in swim and snow sports accessories and gear for professional athletes, ZIONOR has a team over 16 developers in place and hard at work designing the highest quality goggles, helmets and other accessories available in the world today. The ZIONOR Lagopus H1 helmet gets excellent reviews, pushing perfect with over 49 customers and a 4.6-star average. This helmet is warm, white, and classy, with the ZIONOR brand logo on the front right side of the helmet. Dual Mode Airflow Evacuations allow you all day comfort and carefree riding. Full protection for skiers and snowboarders, with ABS and EPS material for double impact protection. Comfortable and adjustable, ski goggles compatible, and the “goggle loop” on the back helps you keep your goggles in place going downhill. Some pretty cool features for a safe, durable helmet. Most impacts with trees and rocks occur at between 20-40 mph, and ZIONOR has you double protected for that reason.

6. Smith Optics Arrival Helmet 2016 – Women’s Lunar Small

Smith Optics Arrival Helmet 2016 - Women's Lunar Small

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Smith Optics Arrival Helmet 2016 – Women’s Lunar is an attractive favorite in the Smith Optical line up. Developed by Dr. Bob Smith, orthodontist and experienced skier, the Arrival helmet is appropriately named and will demand attention. This simple, super warm helmet comes in about 7 different colors and is priced to accommodate. From a trusted manufacturer of top of the line sports gear. This helmet is Skull-candy system ready and has a steady rain of 38 consecutive 5-star reviews!

5. Giro Ledge MIPS: Snow Helmet

Giro Ledge MIPS: Snow Helmet

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Giro Ledge MIPS LTD Snow Helmet – Men’s is 4.5 stars rated with previous customers. From a company that claims to be what happens when ”science and soul come together.” The Giro name brand has built a reputation for designing some of the safest and most comfortable helmets on the market. For over 30 years, and to areas all over the world. Giro has been setting the pace over numerous industries within the cycling and snow sports genres. The Giro Ledge has a basic design providing a low profile, full protection from impact while remaining one of the most comfortable fits on the market. The Ledge comes in a variety of colors, and is adjustable, breathable, and is universally fit for goggles.

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4. Giro Seam Snow Helmet

Giro Seam Snow Helmet

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Giro Seam Snow Helmet is 4.7 stars rated, with over 120 happy customers so far. What that means to you, is that minus a couple haters, you are getting a perfectly designed and new favorite helmet! Another beauty by our friends at Giro. Giro, as I stated in the previous review, has been around for over 30 years and takes great pride in their work. Warm, safe, and durable, with 12 super cool vents for ventilation, the Giro Seam comes in a variety of different colors and also comes in 4 sizes and has adjustable straps, to ensure you can find a fit for your style, or even match-in the whole family.

3. Pret Helmets Cynic X Helmet Rubber Rock Grey, S

Pret Helmets Cynic X Helmet Rubber Rock Grey, S

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Pret Helmets Cynic X Helmet is slowly becoming a favorite to many, due to their aggressive designs and beyond industry standard research and development. Pret Helmets incorporates MIPS technology, which is a low-friction slip plane system developed to brace the head in a way that protects the brain from damages caused by angled impacts and reduce rotational forces. MIPS was developed by brain surgeons and scientists, and I can’t imagine a safer place for your head than in a Pret Helmet. Audio compatible with an RCS fit system for a snug, all-day comfort, and ample VTT1 Ventilation. The Pret Cynic X comes in a variety of colors and is 5.0-star rated!

2. Lucky Bums Snow Sport Helmet with Fleece Liner

Lucky Bums Snow Sport Helmet with Fleece Liner

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Lucky Bums Snow Sport Helmet with Fleece Liner is holding a 4.3-star rating with over 160 happy customers. Lucky Bums is a well-known brand with over 10 years of industry experience, and their gear is considered well designed and fashionable. This Snow Sports Helmet by Lucky Bums will make a good all-season helmet, with an EAP inner and outer shell for protection. The Snow Sports Helmet meets EN1077 standards and is considered safe for all types of skiing or cycling. Variety of colors available and the price won’t kill your wallet!

1. Demon Phantom Helmet with Brainteaser Audio and Free Balaclava

Demon Phantom Helmet with Brainteaser Audio and Free Balaclava

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Demon Phantom Helmet with Brainteaser Audio and Free Balaclava is designed and manufactured by DEMON. Demon started producing ski and snowboard gear in 1999, and their specialty is “keeping you from an early grave”, respectively. The Demon Phantom Helmet has built-in audio, a smooth ABS shell, and EPS foam padding. CE and ASTM Certified, and the Phantom comes in 4 colors, and overall is a very attractive helmet with good reviews.

Final Thoughts

Picking a ski helmet out is not very hard given how competitive the market is getting. What makes it difficult, is trying to decipher between a top-quality ski helmet and one that just “looks” like a top-quality ski helmet. Some manufacturers cut corners to get you to lower-priced products, and we firmly believe that under $30, they will be making sacrifices that will compromise the integrity of the products, and essentially our safety in the end. As always, we did our homework so that you don’t have to, and we came up with the “pick of the litter” so to speak. We picked not only the best quality and best-designed helmets out there for you to ski in, we also checked the customer reviews and made sure that they’re all happy. In the end, picking your helmet will most likely be a thing of personal preference. Rest assured your head will be safe, warm, and protected in any of our top 10 best ski helmets above! We gave our “best overall” pick to Smith Optics. Hands-down some of the best and safest helmets available in the world. Their products are endorsed by medalists and icons in the skiing industry and beyond, and their footprint is vast, global, and here to stay. (In other words, they would never chance quality!) Take care!

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