The Speculation and Truth about iPhone 7, Release Date, and Compare to its Previous Version

Thinking to get your hands on the next iPhone 7, due for launch in the next few months? Apple never seems to stop surprising us, but what would you love more about the iPhone 7?

The internet is full of speculations, wild guesses, leaked reports and rumors regarding the launch of iPhone 7. Forums and posts debating the new features, changes in design and the launch dates have been doing their rounds for a long time. In this article, we have attempted to summarize all the hints and leaked revelations and prepare a comprehensive article on the iPhone 7.

Release Date

Many write-ups guessed the launch of iPhone 7 to be in the last quarter of 2016. But with more information coming in, the product is predicted to launch sometime around September 2016. Mostly, it will be something close to 16 – 18 September.

iPhone 7 Specifications and Comparison to Previous Versions

There are not many design changes in the new iPhone. Most of the changes are in hardware and features which differ from the iPhone 6. The phone was rumored to come in three versions – iPhone 7. iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro. But currently it seems that only two models of the phone are going to be released in the traditional Apple way – iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The models will not have 3.5 mm audio in to make it slimmer than previous models.


It has been more or less confirmed that Apple is going to do away with their 16 GB base storage. The base model with 16 GB was introduced in 2008 and continued since then. Now it is foing to be 32 GB while the maximum capacity could be raised to 256 GB. There will also be another model with 64 GB storage.


To support the additional hardware and upgrade, system memory will be overhauled to 3 GB. iPhone 7 is also anticipated to have dual camera setup which needs more RAM.

Screen Size

iPhone 7 will sport a bigger screen than iPhone 6 and 6 Plus where maximum screen size was 5.5 inches. The screen would be OLED instead of LED and will feature Sapphire glass to guard against fall and scratches.


The primary iSight camera of iPhone 7 is speculated to be of 13 megapixel while the secondary one is of 8 megapixel. The Pro model was once rumored to come with dual cameras at the back but it is mostly a rumor.

iPhone 7 Rumors

Some rumors about the iPhone 7 have been busted and some confirmed by reports. If you’re looking for iPhone 7 features that you would love, here is a look at some of the features that you can expect.

  • The iPhone 7 and 7 plus will not have dual camera system as speculated.
  • The much talked about Smart Connector feature of iPad pro is not going to be there on any models.
  • The phones may come in new shades of dark blue and black.

The world waits for September which is the time when iPhone 7 is expected to launch. The price would be around $ 800 to $ 900 in USA. But how the phone performs and if all the rumors are true or bogus, can only be found out after the launch. Till then we have to keep speculating what is awaiting us!

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