Top 7 Tire Air Compressors That Will Blow Your Mind

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Selecting a safe and durable tire air compressor can be a challenge especially when there is a wide range available. Choosing the best out of them is tough. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered while buying a tire air compressor. One best and possible way is to read the reviews of different compressors and then choose according to your desire. By reading various reviews, you can compare the price, durability and life of a compressor. As air compressors have become a need of today’s world and are used in gas stations, manufacturing plants, home workshops, garages and many more places it is imperative to choose the finest one. The air compressors should be influential, but they should be handled easily. Preferably, they should be useful enough to handle a broad range of different plans. People should keep in their mind that the more they take care of their maintenance, the more durable the compressor will become. Here is a list and reviews of top 7 tire air compressors to help you choose the best one.

1. California Air Tools CAT-6310

California Air Tools CAT-6310 Ultra Quiet and Oil-Free 1.0 Hp 6.3-Gallon Steel Tank Air CompressorGet it now on

California air compressor maintains its position on number one by being the best tire air compressor which is durable, easily movable, and available at a realistic price. The weight is only 49 pounds and is noiseless at 60 decibels. It’s oil free design is the main reason for its recognition because it costs extremely less to the consumers.

This portable tire air compressor has grasped the attention of its customers due to its best features. The motor of this compressor runs at 1 HP in its 6.3-gallon steel flat tank. It facilitates its customers with one year warranty. This tire air compressor will give you best results when applied to smaller products like air dusters, nail guns, and light spraying appliances. It isn’t much suitable for a heavier project.

One major drawback is its heavy smell which can affect your respiratory system. It takes the time to refill. Despite some problems, it is the best to use with some appealing qualities.

2. Porter Cable PCFP02003 3.5 Gallon 135 PSI Pancake Compressor

PORTER-CABLE PCFP02003 3.5-Gallon 135 PSI Pancake CompressorGet it now on

The next comes in the list is porter cable pancake compressor. This tire air compressor has many best qualities in it. Its weight is only 26 pounds, and it is available at a very reasonable price in the market. It is easily movable from one place to another due to its size and shape. This compressor is only 135 PSI with a low amp of 120 volts motor. Moreover, one of its best quality is that it contains oil-free pump which requires less maintenance and is durable. It is very useful for cold weather as well because of its two gauges and quick connect coupler.

Due to its 82 dBA level so it is the loudest air compressor one can ever imagine. All products have some drawback, and so does this air compressor has. This tire air compressor is disposed to breakage sooner because of the low-quality material, and particularly the plastic which tries to refuse the pressure.

3. Porter-Cable CMB15 150 PSI 1.5 Gallon Oil-Free Fully Shrouded Compressor

PORTER-CABLE Air Compressor Kit, 1.5 Gallon, Oil-Free, Fully Shrouded, Hand Carry, 25-Feet Hose...Get it now on

This durable and low priced solid model is dominant than the previous models of the Porter-cable. The weight of this 1.5-gallon tank is only 20 pounds with a 120v motor which operates entirely cold weather. Its noise level is at 79 dBA which is bearable than any other compressor.

This tire air compressor contains 8-piece accessory kit with one year warranty. One thing of this compressor is its average quality, but again somehow it has maintained its position.

4. Dewalt DWFP55130 Heavy Duty 200 PSI

DEWALT Air Compressor for Trim, 200-PSI Max, Quiet Operation (DWFP55130)Get it now on

This appealing tire air compressor has a beautiful design in black and yellow. Its weight is only 36 pound with a handle that makes it easy to carry it from one place to another. It gives you a warranty of 1 year which is very upright. One best quality of this tire air compressor is its high quality and durability. It contains a motor which can be strained at 12 amps with slack free start up to decrease tripping the breaker. It’s an oil-free design, and It is 12.5 inches thin, so it easily fits into small places.

One complaint which has come most of the time is about overheating. Another challenging issue is the absence of a pipe with the unit. It is still an outstanding unit due to its movability.

5. Senco PC1010 1 Horsepower Peak ½

Senco PC1010 1-Horsepower Peak, 1/2 hp running 1-Gallon Compressor,Gray/RedGet it now on

This tire air compressor has many qualities which make it different from others. It is available at a very low price in the market and weighs only 20 pounds. It is not that much noisy and is tolerable at 73 dBA. Horsepower peak ½ means it can do the work at ½ horsepower.

It is oil free and can handle the pressure up to 125 PSI with the ability to go from 0-120 in only 128 seconds. This compressor has one year warranty.
One major drawback of this tire air compressor is that it cannot be taken from one place to another. It is not portable, so that’s why it is useful for smaller jobs.

6. Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0 HP Air Compressor

Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0 HP Air CompressorGet it now on

This air compressor contains a cast iron pump with big bore tubes and pistons which make it powerful and faster as compared to others. It makes Low noise with low AMP draw in high output. It Runs at a lower RPM (1,720) which results in greater motor and long lasting life. It is available for you with a warranty of one year, and it contains 2.6-gallon tank.

One major drawback is of its weight which is approximately 50 pounds which make it difficult to carry. Anyone can easily operate it, and it refills quickly at about 20 seconds.

7. Bostitch BTFP72646 3 Tool Compressor Combo Kit

BOSTITCH Air Compressor Combo Kit, 3-Tool (BTFP3KIT)Get it now on

This tire air compressor contains 6-gallon tank which has easy drainage system due to the drain valve. As it is a combo kit, so it includes straight nailer, brad nailer, and a crown stapler. Due to these accessories, it is expensive. Its fame is due to its oil free pump. It is noisy at 80 dBA. The diameter of this device is fragile. One unique quality it has is of its light weight that is only 20 pounds. People can carry it anywhere they want. It has a warranty of 1 year which adds another feature to its specialty.

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