Top 10 Best Battery Powered Chainsaw of 2024 Review

Cutting off big trees requires a strong machine which can cut effectively, for long powered chainsaws have been used but nobody has yet realized that there are specific brands which don’t get damaged easily. We are here to bring you the best and the top rated powered saws which will never frustrate you, we are aware that some machines fail or easily cause accidents but here is the safe most battery powered power saws which are known not to pollute the environment.

List of the Best Battery Powered Chainsaw of 2024:

10. OREGON CORDLESS 40 V Chain Saw


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This power saw operates on 40V Max Lithium Ion power for 66% more runtime over the CS300-E6 chainsaw. These premium cells are of high technology and hold power for several months. This power saw is environmentally friendly; it produces no smoke, there is no oil wastes and produces a small sound which can’t qualify the name noise. The chain is a long lasting one and finely cuts the wood.

9. GreenWorks Pro GCS80420 80V Cordless Chainsaw

GreenWorks Pro GCS80420 80V Cordless Chainsaw

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With this machine work is very effective for it operates on steel bucking blades which cannot be broken and gives a smooth cut. It can go up to 150 cuts with fully charged 2AH battery; we also include these cells as we sell the machine to you. For quality cutting of big trees, consider using this battery powered chainsaw. To get the chainsaw, place an order and have it delivered to you

8. GreenWorks 20292 G-MAX

GreenWorks 20292 G-MAX

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This is a special power saw that operates on 40V battery and gives no failure to the user. It comprises of tool-less chain tensioning for quick and better adjustments so you can get back to the task at hand and have your trees cut effectively. There is an automatic oiler that applies to the bar and the chain to ensure there is durability and extend the life of the chain. There is a clear oil tank for a clear view of the oil level.

7. GreenWorks 20322 G-MAX 40V Cordless Chainsaw

GreenWorks 20322 G-MAX 40V Cordless Chainsaw

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We are happy to introduce this chainsaw to you, many have not yet met, but now you can get it from us, this saw gives a fine cut, and it is designed in a manner not to pollute the environment through the release of smoke or oil wastes. Now you can get this chainsaw at an affordable price and enjoy the services it gives. The above link leads to the product’s description and allows you to place an order.

6. DEWALT DCCS690M1 Brushless Chainsaw

DEWALT DCCS690M1 Brushless Chainsaw

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These are powerful brushless motors which are powered with a 40V lithium AH battery. It as well comprises of a low kick-back 16″ Oregon bar and chain, with a chain brake for kickback protection of the machine. This is a tool free chain tensioning and bar tightening knob for proper bar clamping force for easy cutting. To get yourself this brand new chainsaw, just follow the given link and make your order.

5. GreenWorks 20312 G-MAX 40V Cordless Chainsaw

GreenWorks 20312 G-MAX 40V Cordless Chainsaw

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This a premium power saw of brushless motor technology which cuts up to 100 cuts on a single charge without any complication. It includes a 4AH battery and a charger. There is also chain brake and low kickback chain for increased user safety to ensure that the power saw serves you properly. This brushless motor gives no pollutants to the environment, and thus it is highly considered to keep the environment clean.

4. EGO Power+ 14-Inch Cordless Chain Saw

EGO Power+ 14-Inch Cordless Chain Saw

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You need a chainsaw that can give the kind of service that you desire. This is the best one for you. The saw produces smooth cuts and has other features that will make you get attracted. It is also environment-friendly as it does not cause noise and does not emit fuss and fumes. Additionally and nobody will ever regret buying this chainsaw. Get the quality you deserve and spare your money by shopping from us

3. DECKER LCS1240 40V MAX Lithium-Ion Chainsaw

DECKER LCS1240 40V MAX Lithium-Ion Chainsaw

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Here is the best chainsaw that is easy to operate. Oiling this machine is not manual as is the case with others. It is easy to use because it is not heavy and the user rarely gets tired. You will get surprised when you realize that it is the easiest to use among all types of a chain saw. It is friendly and does not fail while operating on either dry woods or live logs. In case you need one, liaise with us now and get one.

2. GreenWorks 20362 24V 10-Inch Cordless Chainsaw

GreenWorks 20362 24V 10-Inch Cordless Chainsaw

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The number one recommended chainsaw is here with us. Oil is applied to the arm and chain automatically. This extends the lifespan of the chainsaw and can serve for a long life if it is kept well. The oil tank is translucent so that the level of the oil. The equipment comes with a battery that can be used with other indoor and outdoor tools.

1. DECKER LCS1020 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Chainsaw

DECKER LCS1020 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Chainsaw

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Are you in need of a chainsaw? Don’t wonder anymore looking for the best saw. We are here with all the solutions to your problem. Buy BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Chainsaw and save your money. This chainsaw is the best and offers a real cutting power and cuts. It is fuelled by a battery that is extra power than the other batteries. Oiling in this machine is automatic and gauging oil level is automated too.

Final Thoughts

Battery-powered chainsaws are known to be very particular in cutting trees and other materials. It’s nice to use a quality power saw to avoid injuries or short time service before the machine breaks. Here are the best battery powered chainsaws from trusted manufacturers, just purchase one and you will never regret.

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