Top 10 Best Lamp Shades for Table Lamps of 2020 Review

Best lamp shade for table lamps should serve both functional as well as decorative purposes. In an effort to ensure it serves a decorative purpose, it is best that you consider a lampshade that will compliment your overall home décor. This is, therefore, an important factor to put into consideration. Purposes that are more on decoration will put aspects such as color, design, as well as size will be put into consideration. Functionality is also important and you need to know that it will serve you in the long-term. In this, durability is an important aspect.

Looking at what the market has to offer, it can be confusing on where to get started especially because there are millions of these products. In this, you need to outline your preferences to avoid confusion. The following are the best lampshades for table lamps you should put into consideration.

List of the Best Lamp Shades for Table Lamps of 2020:

10. Lamp Shade, Darice 5200-29, White Fabric-covered, Fits Standard Light Bulb

Darice 5200-29, Small Lamp Shade White Fabric-CoveredGet it now on

This lamp shape is cone shaped and has a 4-inch diameter at the top and a 9-inch diameter at the bottom. The height is relevant at 6-1/4-inch. These dimensions are ideal to use on a table without occupying too much space leaving your table crowded. It has a lightweight fabric and the white color illuminates the lighting to create lovely room lighting.

9. Disney Frozen Pink Table Lamp

Disney Frozen Pink Table LampGet it now on

This lampshade is designed to meet the preferences of kids with the animated graphics from “Frozen” cartoons. It does not require any assembly. It is 20 inches tall and with a diameter of 8-inches, it is ideal for use in your kids’ rooms. To light up, all you have to do is pull the chain and it will switch on and off as required.

8. Urbanest Mushroom Pleated Softback Lamp Shade

Urbanest Mushroom Pleated Softback Lamp Shade, Faux Silk, 5-inch by 9-inch by 7-inch, Black, Spider...Get it now on

This shade has pleats thus adding to the decorative purpose in your home. The shade is made of attractive black faux silk with a spider fitter. It is 9-inches wide at the bottom and 5-inches at the top and allows for proper and sufficient lighting.

7. Cal Lighting SH-8107/16-CM Vertical Piped Deep Empire Shade

Cal Lighting SH-8107/16-CMGet it now on

This shade is wide enough to allow for proper lighting and the light color choice makes it easier to highlight more light into the room thanks to the 10-inches at the top and 16-inches at the bottom. The bell shape is simple yet effective to ensure sufficient lighting.

6. Laura Ashley SNL914 Calais 14-Inch Bell Shade

Laura Ashley SNL914 Calais 14-Inch Bell Shade, WhiteGet it now on

This is a bell shaped lampshade and comes with the diameters, 14-inches at the bottom, which comes in handy in providing a wider surface area for light illumination. It is made of linen material to add a fine and classy finish while at the same time allowing for release of sufficient light.

5. Brown Burlap Empire Hardback Shade

A Ray Of Light 6129BUR 6-Inch by 12-Inch by 9-Inch Brown Burlap Empire Hardback ShadeGet it now on

This shape comes with a brown color that is neutral yet allows for sufficient lighting into your room. Its burlap fabric offers an antic design while the metal frame ensures that it is strong and durable. The fabric is textures adding to its dimensions.

4. A Ray Brown Burlap Drum Shade

A Ray Of Light 121312BUR 12-Inch by 13-Inch by 12-Inch Brown Burlap Drum ShadeGet it now on

This shade is brown in color and comes with a nickel finish to give it that lustrous finish. The frame is made of metal thus making it durable. With a cylindrical shape and a textured fabric, it provides a rustic look that is bound to compliment your home décor.

3. Royal Designs 11″ Rectangle Cut Corner Hardback Lamp Shade

Royal Designs DHB-710-11BLK lampshade, BlackGet it now on

This shade has a rectangular shape and is designed to attract the eye. This is because it is made of a hand tailored silk fabric that makes it appear smooth and with the addition of the premium gold soft back lining, the contract will definitely add greatly to your home décor. It has a heavy grade frame of 1.5mm metal frame and is rust resistant to ensure durability.

2. LEDniceker 1.5W Touch Sensor LED Eye Protection Cordless Table Reading Lamp

LEDNICEKER 1.5W Touch Sensor LED Eye Protection Cordless Table Reading Lamp/Desk Light, Rechargeable...Get it now on

This shade allows individuals to determine the brightness of light thanks to its sensitive touch sensor. It has adjustments between low, medium, and high brightness to meet different circumstances. The tube is durable with its silicon alloy material. To ensure stability, it comes with a 4 non-slip mat placed at the bottom.

1. Housmile Multifunctional Intelligent LED Moving Light

ILELM H800 ROSKY, Table Light, WhiteGet it now on

This shade comes with a unique design offering quality. It is also designed to deliver on durability. You can adjust brightness to suit your current needs thanks to its step-less fingerprint touch. It preserves the environment, comes with an LED light source, and does not hurt your eyes so you can safely use it for reading.

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