Top 10 Best Leather Bound Notebooks of 2020 Review

A lot can happen in life. Writing down important—and not so important—memories in order for them to last a lifetime is crucial. In order to be able to effectively write down and save all of these important things, it is necessary to have a good notebook and good pens. Pens that are high quality can be found at virtually any store. Office supply stores often have a wide variety of pens, ranging from ones that are renowned for their quality to pens that are well-known for being effective, yet cost-effective as well. The other important thing to have in order to be able to write things down is a notebook. There is a wide variety of notebooks to choose from. There are simple notebooks that cost only a few dollars, and there are huge notebooks with thousands of pages that are a little more expensive. Some of the most durable notebooks on the market are those that are leather bound. Having one of the best leather-bound notebooks can make writing much more enjoyable.

Here is a list of 10 of the best leather bound notebooks on the market:

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10. Markings by C.R. Gibson Brown Ruled Paper Bonded Leather Journal

C.R. Gibson Brown Bonded Leather Journal, 5'' x 8.2''Get it now on

Bound by bonded leather, this 240-page notebook is perfect for any leather fanatic who wants enough space in their journal to write for several months. With an inside pocket that is perfect for storing things, the versatility of this notebook is incredible. It closes with an elastic band and includes a ribbon to help mark the pages.

9. EvZ Diary String Key Retro Vintage Classic Leather Bound Notebook

OliaDesign Diary String Key Leather Bound Notebook, BrownGet it now on

This chic little notebook is great for anyone who wants to write in style. Its small size coupled with its soft leather exterior make it the perfect accessory for any outfit or any day out on the town. Sizing up at a mere four by six inches, this notebook will easily fit into your pocket for effortless transportation.

8. Flanders Black Leather Journal

Flanders Black Leather Journal (Diary, Notebook)Get it now on

With gorgeous gold edging on its pages and a sleek black leather binding, this notebook is perfect for virtually any task involving a pen and paper. Its pages are lightly lined, which makes sketching, taking notes, or doing homework incredibly easy. The paper is acid free and the notebook includes a black ribbon bookmark.

7. Aitao Vintage String Key Classic Leather Bound Notebook

EvZ Vintage Journal Notepad String Key Classic Leather Notepad (BC-5642)Get it now on

Colored a dark coffee shade, this cute notebook is ideal for anyone who is into fashion, yet still wants to have a notebook for jotting everyday things down. With shiny pages that easily take ink from fountain pens and impeccably soft leather binding, this notebook has everything perfect about leather bound notebooks all wrapped into a nice little package.

6. TOPS Professional Bookbound Journals

TOPS Professional Bookbound Journals, 9.5 x 7.5 Inches, 192 Ruled Pages Each, Black, 2 Pack (J25814)Get it now on

Measuring a convenient 9.5 by 7.5 inches, this handy notebook contains 192 pages that are perfect for all your writing needs. Each of these notebooks from TOPS includes an index and tabs for marking different sections throughout your writing. Its sturdy leather binding means that this notebook will last indefinitely.

5. Moleskine Classic Notebook

Moleskine Classic Notebook, Hard Cover, Large (5' x 8.25') Ruled/Lined, Black, 240 PagesGet it now on

This conveniently portable notebook from the renowned company Moleskine is designed especially for people who travel frequently. Its ruled pages are held together with cardboard binding, and it securely closes with an elastic strap. With acid free lined paper, this notebook is ready to help keep you organized.

4. Large Tree of Life Leather Blank Book

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The perfect writing companion for anyone with a taste for things with a vintage feel, this notebook’s cover features a hand-designed tree of life embellishment and the leather binding gives it a rustic feel. With pages made from recycled materials, it is one of the most eco-friendly notebooks on the market today. The pages are incredibly sturdy, and they can withstand heavy markings with pens, pencils, or even light strokes of paint.

3. Leather Business Portfolio Notebook Folio

Brown Full-Grain Leather Portfolio No.18, Padfolio Folder | Made in USA | Col. LittletonGet it now on

What sets this notebook apart from many other ones like it is the fact that it is handmade. Measuring 12 by 9.5 inches, each seam is carefully stitched and each leather panel is carefully put together to make the perfect notebook. Featuring a secure closing with two brass snaps, this notebook is perfect for anyone who wants a carefully designed, handmade version of this commonplace accessory.

2. Antique Dark Brown Leather Journal

Antique Dark Brown Leather Journal Diary (Handmade)-Leather Cord Coptic Bound 25% Off Sale + Special...Get it now on

Its paper is made of cotton waste, so it is 100% eco-friendly. Everything about it is handmade, from the individual pages to the binding and notebook itself. Everything about this notebook seems to be a perfect fit for anyone who enjoys things with a rustic feel while wanting it to be handmade and eco-friendly. The authentic leather binding is made to have a vintage look to give it an exceptionally authentic antique appearance.

1. Blueline Business Notebook

Blueline Business Notebook, Black, 192 Pages, 9-1/4 x 7-1/4 Inches (A9)Get it now on

With lined pages, a sleek black leather binding, and 192 pages, these notebooks are perfect for use both in business and in school. Each page is college-ruled. Its paper is made with approximately a third recycled materials. With tabs for easy organization, this notebook is the perfect companion for any student or businessperson.

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