Top 10 Best Luggage Cart for Carry On Luggage of 2021 Review

Moving around with luggage is never easy, especially if you have a long vacation planned out. The effects of jet lag and exhaustion from traveling for several hours can often leave you too tired to even carry your luggage. That said, you can make traveling more convenient by getting one of the best luggage carts for carry-on luggage. These units are designed to accommodate heavy luggage, to make traveling a convenient experience. Whether you have bags, suitcases, boxes or even rucksacks, these carts are perfect for your carry on luggage. Even more, they are designed to be simple to stow, and with a host of various additional features to suit your traveling needs. These best carts for luggage include:

10. Cloudz EZ Roll Luggage Cart

Cloudz EZ Roll Luggage CartGet it now on

Carrying your luggage around has never been this easy. The Cloudz EZ roll luggage cart has been designed to make ping pong gaming a simple experience. It comes with a lightweight and strong aluminum frame that can withstand almost any type of exposure. More so, the cart is also ideal for toting cumbersome luggage, extra bags, and supplies. Designed to be simple to stow, the table is very convenient for your unique traveling needs. It also comes with a convenient push-button telescopic system for easy open and close benefits.


  • Lightweight and strong aluminum frame
  • Great for toting cumbersome luggage and extra bags
  • Holds as much as 77lbs of weight
  • Easily stows or packs away

9. Kole Imports Portable Folding Luggage Cart

Kole Imports Portable Folding Luggage CartGet it now on

Tired of lugging around with multiple bags when shopping or traveling? The Kole Imports folding luggage cart might just be the perfect solution for your needs. Measuring at an average of 35” tall when fully extended, the cart takes up a small footprint in your living space. More so, it also lets you easily stack and carry multiple cases and bags securely in one place and with durable straps included.


  • Easy to stack and carry cart design
  • Durable and versatile design construction
  • Sturdy wheels for enhanced mobility

8. POTG Luggage Cart

POTG Luggage CartGet it now on

Avoid the hassle and make every trip easy by investing in the POTG luggage cart. The cart has an exceptional load capacity that averages at 77lbs, which makes it ideal for your traveling needs. Even more, the cart will provide easy maneuverability for opening and closing. Featuring a 2 hook strap, the cart does well to support most types of luggage. The inclusion of durable wheels provides optimal handling benefits.


  • Durable wheels for improved handling
  • Compact and lightweight construction
  • Maximum load capacity of 77lbs
  • Flexible 2 hook strap for supporting baggage

7. Sparco Compact Luggage Cart, 150 lbs., Capacity, CE (SPR01753)

Sparco Compact Luggage Cart, 150 lbs, Capacity, Open 14-3/4 x 13-3/4 x 35 Inches, CE (SPR01753)Get it now on

While it may be compact in design, the Sparco Compact luggage cart might just be the next best addition to your travel regimen. It comes with a durable strap and easy grip handle that can suit various traveling applications. Besides that, the inclusion of the ¾ inch diameter wheels made using synthetic fiber is very durable. The cart can also hold an average weight of 150lbs, which makes it more than perfect for several days of traveling.


  • Compact cart construction with easy grip handle and strap
  • ¾ inch diameter wheels made using synthetic fiber
  • Weight capacity of 150lbs
  • Stylish cart construction

6. Portable Folding Hand Push Truck, Hand Collapsible Trolley for Luggage, Auto, Moving and Office

Portable Folding Hand Push Truck, Hand Collapsible Trolley for Luggage, Personal, Travel, Auto,...Get it now on

What happens when you want to pack your items and travel? Well, you need the portable Folding Hand Push truck. This unit comes with a heavy duty and durable construction, which can hold as much as 88.18lbs of weight. Even more, the cart also folds up easily for convenient storage. Weighing in at 3.5 lbs, this unit won’t add any unnecessary weight to your travel regimen. It also features ergonomic handles which are very comfortable on the user’s hands.


  • Heavy duty and durable construction
  • Folds up for easy storage benefits
  • Ergonomic handles and durable construction
  • High quality and wear resistant wheels

5. Anleolife Folding Carts With 4 Wheels Grocery Travel Dolly Back Saver Luggage Carts Car Seat Carrier

Anleolife Folding Carts with 4 Wheels Grocery Travel Dolly Back Saver Luggage Carts Car Seat Carrier...Get it now on

Make your life better with the Anleolife folding carts, which are ideal for dragging heavy convertible car seats even through airports. Besides that, the durable and heavy-duty design features thickened steel material, which is durable enough for various purposes. More so, the large base plate can hold large items and it is also simple to shake when pulling. The base plate is also designed using thickened plastic, which makes contributes towards the durability of the cart. With the durable design, this best luggage cart provides several years of traveling reliability.


  • Durable and heavy-duty drawbar construction made using thickened steel
  • Foldable and easy to store design
  • Large base plate made using high-quality PP plastic
  • Ergonomic handles make it simple to move around

4. TravelKart Travel Luggage Cart, Black

World's Best TravelKart Travel Luggage Cart, BlackGet it now on

Get equipped with the TravelKart cart that comes with a durable steel tube construction for the best performance benefits. The durable steel tube is both stable and also enhances the longevity of the table as well. Even more, the cart also comes with unique stretch cords that work well to secure the load onto the cart. With the unique black powder coat finish, the cart provides optimal durability and performance benefits of almost any type of terrain. Also, the cart has a durable design to provide improved longevity benefits.


  • Durable steel tube construction
  • Stretch cords to provide a secure load onto the cart
  • Black powder coat finish and durable neoprene wheels included
  • Large luggage cart capacity

3. BlueJan Luggage Cart

BlueJan Luggage CartGet it now on

BlueJan is clearly one of the big brands when it comes to producing high-quality solutions for carrying luggage around. This includes the Bluejan Luggage cart, which has a durable and rugged construction, to withstand almost any type of mobility applications. With its lightweight design, it also does not add any unnecessary weight to your luggage. The inclusion of adjustable strap anchors does well to prevent the effects of shifting as you move around. Also, the luggage cart is durable it can carry heavy boxes of as much as 77lbs.


  • Durable and rugged wheel construction with unique blue color
  • Sturdy and lightweight design construction
  • Foldable for less space storage
  • Adjustable double strap anchors

2. Remin Kart-a-Bag Tri Kart 750

Remin Tri-Kart 750 CartGet it now on

Navigate your way through life with easy by investing in the Remin Kart a Bart Tri kart 750. It comes with patented rear platform swivel casters, which can fold down into locked positions for optimal stability. Additionally, the inclusion of a 4 wheel dolly is ideal for mobile applications on almost any type of terrain. Even more, this unit has a unique weight capacity of 225lbs and with a heavy duty kart which makes it ideal for the office and more.


  • Solid chrome steel and plastic handle construction
  • Exceptional weight capacity
  • Swivel casters with unique locks to match

1. Remin Kart-a-Bag Concorde III

Remin Kart-a-Bag Concorde IIIGet it now on

Navigate your way with easy by using the Remin Kart a Bag Concorde III. It comes with a unique push-button locking system, which makes it easy to store your favorite items. Besides that, an adjustable lock on with permanently attached elastic cords does well to reduce the effects of load shifting. With an exceptional weight capacity of 175 lbs, this unit can accommodate almost any type of luggage that you carry around. The luggage cart also features durable pneumatic wheels, which you can use on any type of terrain.


  • 6-inch roller bearing semi-pneumatic wheels
  • Chrome plated solid steel wheel guards
  • Sliding base lock and wire curb
  • Adjustable lock on permanently attached


There is nothing better than when you can travel with sufficient peace of mind. Moving around with luggage often proves to be a challenging experience for some people. For this reason, the best luggage cart for carry-on luggage might just be the perfect recommendation for your needs. Get one these carts, and you can easily move around with luggage of as much as 175lbs. Most cart brands have done well to incorporate all the useful features required to accommodate your luggage.

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