Top 10 Best Folding Survival Knives of 2020 Review

For those who love spending time outdoors, you will know how important it is to stay well equipped. While staying equipped is important, not many people have the appropriate regimen. In helping you to enjoy the outdoors, we have rounded up some top survival product solutions for your needs. To be specific, we have started with the best fold survival knives. Yes, that’s rights! Why do you need a good survival knife? Well, let’s just say that most of these things are designed to be fully featured. Whether you are camping, fishing, backpacking and more, owning one of these units is important. They include:

10. Tac Force Dagger Style Folding Knife, Black

Tac Force Dagger Style Folding Knife, BlackGet it now on

Enjoying the outdoors is an exceptional way to spend your leisure time. This is why the Tac Force Dagger Style folding knife is an excellent recommendation for your needs. The knife has a unique black aluminum handle and stainless steel red cross overlay for the best performance. More so, the thick blade and stainless steel construction will prove an exceptionally long lifespan. Also, includes a unique aluminum handle and durable pocket clip.


  • Aluminum handle and stainless steel red cross overlay
  • Ergonomic handles and grips for enhanced functionality
  • Assisted opening structure and spear point blade

9. TAC Force TF-428 Series Assisted Opening Folding Knife, Spear Point Blade, 5-Inch Closed

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If you have ever tired of cutting meats with blunt knives outdoors, consider the TAC force TF-428 series knife. This unit comes with a unique black spear point blade and overlays handle design structure. Additionally, the durable design provides an exceptionally long lifespan. This Milano style gentleman’s knife also has a handsome inlay handle. Moreover, the pocket clip provides easy and safe carrying benefits.


  • One handled deployment and spring assistant design
  • Unique handsome inlay construction
  • TAC force design and unique knife styling
  • 5 inch closed length and pocket clip for easy carrying

8. DEWALT DWHT10272 Folding Pocket Knife

DEWALT DWHT10272 Folding Pocket KnifeGet it now on

Dewalt is one of the leading brands when it comes to providing a useful solution. This includes the DEWALT DWHT10272 folding pocket knife that is both durable and rust resistant. Also, with the special thumb knob, this knife provides easy opening and lightweight design provides a comfortable grip. Users will also appreciate the combination blade the features both serrated and straight edges for the best performance. Thanks to the tanto tip, this knife does well to piece tough materials.


  • Stainless steel bladed for optimal durability
  • Thumb know for easy opening and functionality
  • Slim, comfortable and lightweight design
  • Combination blade for various cutting applications

7. Kershaw’s RJ Tactical 3.0 Pocket Knife (1987) Stainless Steel Drop-Point Blade

3' Stainless Steel Blade Pocket Knife | Kershaw RJ Tactical 3.0 1987Get it now on

Kershaw RJ tactical knife is also another useful addition to your outdoor regimen. This best survival knife comes with a special flipper that does well to make the knife opening simple to use. Also, the with the patented speed safe opening, this knife provides optimal user safety benefits. It also has a special liner lock that keeps the knife open during use and with a lock bar. The blade also has a black oxide finish the reduce the effects of rust.


  • Black oxide finish reduces the effects of rusting
  • Special inner lock to keep the knife open during use
  • Patented speed safe opening and special flipper
  • Durable material construction

6. Victorinox Swiss Army MiniChamp Pocket Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army MiniChamp Pocket KnifeGet it now on

Featuring as many as 16 functions to keep you equipped for everyday adventures, the Victorinox Swiss Army Minichamp pocket is perfect. This best survival knife is also available with additional items such scissors, magnetic screwdriver, ballpoint pen and nail file. With the incomparable functionality, this knife is small enough to fit your keychain. It is also durable and compact at the same time, to make it perfect for your needs.


  • Fully diverse design including scissors, ballpoint pen, and nail file
  • Compact design to fit into your keychain
  • Dynamic functionality to keep your well equipped

5. Victorinox Swiss Army Nail Clip 580 Swiss Army Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Nail Clip 580 Swiss Army KnifeGet it now on

Improve your outdoor regimen with the Victorinox Swiss Army Nail Clip and an army knife. This unit comes with as many as 8 different functions and a unique red chili or handle. Taking things to the next level, this unit also features various other additional features such as nail file, cleaner, and clipper. More so, this unit Is precision crafted to provide years of longevity. Its also durable and the simple to use design makes it ideal for your needs.


  • 8 different designs to suit various functions
  • Dynamic knife design such as nail file and clipper
  • Self sharpening blade and durable construction
  • Comfortable grips and handle

4. Victorinox Swiss Army Tinker Pocket Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool, Tinker Pocket KnifeGet it now on

Get equipped with the Victorinox Swiss Arming Tinker knife that is ideal for various outdoor applications. Similar to all the high-quality knives available today, this unit is dynamic and can be used for various uses. More so, the stainless steel construction provides sleek durability and it’s also perfect for survival applications. The compact design makes this knife for camping, fishing, and hiking. Designed to be durable, this knife is perfect for you any outdoor enthusiast.


  • Dynamic design to suit various purposes
  • Self-sharpening blade design
  • Stainless steel blade with oxidized material
  • Ergonomic handles for increased comfort and grip

3. Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Pocket Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool, Huntsman Pocket KnifeGet it now on

While it may seem a like a relatively small knife, the Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman knife is the ideal solution for your needs. It has a stainless steel construction that is covered in polished material for optimal durability. More so, the durable design means that this knife is suitable for various applications. It also has a fully functional design to make it suitable for various applications. Thanks to the ergonomic handles and grips, this knife is perfect for large-scale cutting projects.


  • Has 15 functions to suit everyday adventures
  • Compact design for convenient functionality
  • Stainless steel construction encased in polished black ABS
  • Ergonomic handles and grips

2. SOG Key Folding Knife KEY-101 – 1.5″ Blade, Black Stainless Steel Handle

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Are you searching for a good knife for your needs? Well, consider the SOG key folding knife that is smartly hidden in a key-shaped handle. More so, the special lock back with handle makes it simple to hold on to the knife. Similar to all the high-quality knives, this unit is simple to carry on keychains. Even more, the knife features a keychain tool that conceals the knife in a compact blade for convenience.


  • Blade smartly hidden In a key-shaped handle
  • Lock back with unique handle size and shape
  • Unique design to make it ideal for carrying on a keychain
  • Stainless steel construction and keychain tool

1. Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Sd Pocket Knife, Acadia National Park

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket KnifeGet it now on

With the Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD pocket knife, you can easily take your outdoor regimen to the next level. This unit has a stainless steel construction that is encased in polished ABS material for the best performance. Also, the ergonomic grips make the knife simple to hold and to use. Thanks to the self-sharpening blades, the knife can stay sharp for an exceptionally long time.


  • 7 functions to suit everyday functions and applications
  • Stainless steel construction encased in polished ABS scales
  • Ergonomic grips and durable handle construction


In considering all the important factors, spending time outdoors is a great form of leisure time activity. This is why the best folding survival knives might just be perfect four needs. Designed to be fully featured, these knives are perfect for your outdoor regimen. Consider investing in one today for the best results.

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