Top 10 Best Pitcher Water Filters of 2020 Review

Water is the most important substances on earth. All creatures, especially humans need water in order to survive. However, not all the water that people consume is safe to drink. To maintain your health, it is essential to drink the completely clean and safe water.

Fortunately, there is a way that you can have your own clean and safe water at home. The best pitcher water filters can be the certainty for healthy water drinking that you may have been searching for. No more money spending on health care.

Just imagine how much money you can save when you are healthy.

List of the Best Pitcher Water Filters of 2020:

10. Brita Atlantis Water Filter Pitcher

Brita Small 6 Cup Water Filter Pitcher with 1 Standard Filter, BPA Free – Space Saver, WhiteGet it now on

In tap water, you can find copper, mercury, and cadmium, but in this BPA- free system it’s all reduced tremendously. There are a lot of great features included in this water filter. It provides cleaner water and better taste for you and your family. Beyond the basic features that most water filters can offer, there is sticker included in this filter that indicates when you need to change the filter. Moreover, there is a lid designed just for your convenience in making refilling a much easier task, and a grip that will make pouring the water much easier. Convenient and healthy are the two words that can definitely describe this pitcher water filter.

9. PUR 5 Cup Water Filter Pitcher CR- 4000

PUR 5 Cup Water Filter Pitcher CR-4000Get it now on

Have you ever heard of a water filter that can remove 99.9% of microbial cysts? Sounds impossible right? Well, now the PUR 5 Cup Water Filter Pitcher CR- 4000 makes it possible for us to drink water that contains almost no microbial cysts. This filter is certified to reduce the taste and odor of chlorine and guarantees that the clean filtered water will not mix with the unfiltered water.

8. ZeroWater ZP-010 10-Cup Pitcher

ZeroWater ZP-010, 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher with Water Quality MeterGet it now on

In every product, there is always one main feature that really catches your eye and drags you in. For the ZeroWater ZP-010 10-Cup Pitcher, the convenient design will ensure an easy fit in any refrigerator. Many water filters take up a lot of space, making refilling them and even using them in general a complete inconvenience. That will not be a problem anymore when it comes to this product. Along with this, you can enjoy pure tasting water and great features including one handle pull and pour spout to fill any bottle easily.

7. Brita Grand Water Filter Pitcher, Turquoise Versailles, 10 Cup

Brita Grand Water Filter Pitcher, Turquoise Versailles, 10 Cup- Discontinued By ManufacturerGet it now on

Every person wants a filter that provides healthy water for them. Most importantly, it also needs to be stylish. This water filter pitcher features a chic floral design and refreshing color. Some other great features include helping to reduce zinc, the odor, and taste of chlorine, copper, mercury, and cadmium. The Brita Grand Water Filter has a 10-cup capacity, making it the perfect filter for families and sports teams.

6. Invigorated Living Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher

UBANTE Professional Quality TDS, EC & Temperature Meter, Water Quality Test Meter,0-9990ppm.Accurate...Get it now on

Improve your health and wellness with this Alkaline Water Pitcher! The filter on this product consists of mineral balls and activated carbon. This pitcher is unlike any other, as it has the highest amount of Alkaline Water levels of tested pitchers on the market, and it is very easy to grip and pour. Also, a 100% replacement guarantee offers.

5. Brita Marina Water Filter Pitcher, Black, 8 Cup

Brita Medium 8 Cup Water Filter Pitcher with 1 Standard Filter, BPA Free – Marina, BlackGet it now on

Do you consume a lot of water per day? This Brita Marina Water Filter might be the perfect water filter pitcher for you! Some of its key features include a lid that’s easy for refilling, an electronic filter change indicator, and a BPA-free pitcher. The Brita Marina Water Filter has a great design making it a great display in the kitchen.

4. Brita Slim Water Filter Pitcher, 5 Cup

Brita Slim Water Filter Pitcher, 5 Cup food, WhiteGet it now on

The Brita Slim Water Filter Pitcher comes with many great qualities and features. Due to its thin size, you can definitely put it in the door of your fridge. How convenient? This product totally will not take up a lot of space in your fridge. Some of its features are a sticker filter indicator and providing great tasting, clean water!

3. MAVEA 1001125 Elemaris XL 9-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher, Black

MAVEA Elemaris XL 9-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher, BlackGet it now on

This water filter is a great product with many positive qualities. For those of you stylish folks, here is another one for you to consider, as you can purchase this product in the array of sizes and colors. Some of its positive traits include being easy to fill, BPA free, and holding a lot of water. The odds are in your favor that if you purchase this product, you will not be disappointed.

2. ZeroWater ZR-017 Replacement Filter, 2 Pack

ZeroWater 5-Stage Replacement Filter, 2-Pack, WhiteGet it now on

Don’t let the word replacement have you underestimate the great qualities of this filter. You can be guaranteed that this replacement filter is just as effective at reducing chromium-6 in tap water as reverse osmosis systems. It does not get much better than that.

1. Brita Large 10 Cup Everyday Water Pitcher with Filter – BPA Free – White

Brita Water Pitcher with 1 Filter, w 1 std, WhiteGet it now on

This BPA free pitcher has a large basic 10 cup water filtration pitcher with 1 filter. It has a classic oval design to maximize refrigerator space, a soft grip handle for easy pouring, and a removable lid for easy re-filling. It is a really great product that totally worth purchasing!

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