Top 10 Best Racquetball Gloves for Sweaty Hands of 2024 Review

If you are looking for the best racquetball glove for sweaty hands, there are a number of factors you want to consider first. Are you an aggressive player? Do you dive a lot? Do you sweat a lot? All of these questions come into play when buying gloves, especially ones for sweaty hands. Sweat can not only be uncomfortable, but it can affect your performance. We want you to be well protected, cool, and playing your best game out there. Here’s what we found…

What to Look For:

Generally, neoprene is the best material for the best balance of protection, breathability, and absorption of sweat. Neoprene seems to provide decreased breath-ability because of its texture. Neoprene does add a limited padding effect compared to foam, but on the other hand its not gaudy, and it won’t block out all of the airflows. Leather gloves are nice and soft, adding grip by the friction of the material. Synthetic leather gloves, seem to lack the softness of the regular leather. Generally, a perforated palm area will allow more airflow and an overall cooler hand while you’re playing. Sheepskin is probably the softest and longest lasting of gloves, but it’s also more expensive. In the end, your decision will most likely be a matter of personal preference, and you may have to burn through a couple of pairs before you find the right one that actually is “your glove.” That being said, we did extensive research in this area and came up with a top 10 list of the best racquetball gloves for sweaty hands. We chose every pair on our list because of customer reviews, materials used to make them, features, and manufacturers reputations. These are you sweaty hand racquetball glove leaders, ladies, and gentlemen.

10. Ektelon Coolmax Extreme Right Hand Glove

Ektelon Coolmax Extreme Right Hand Glove

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With a 4.2 star rating by previous owners, these gloves are considered to be some of the top gloves in the racquetball industry. These gloves are made with high-performance Premium Cabretta Sheepskin leather with Tackified Palm Strips for superior control. Extra knuckle padding provides unmatched protection for the back of the hand, and these racquetball gloves come in attractive blue and white design and are reasonably priced. A little about the manufacturer. Ektelon Is the first brand ever in racquetball. They have been around since 1964, and they have been a leader in the innovation of the game. They know that in this industry, coming out on top is the only thing that matters. The performance-driven Ektelon line has revolutionized power and control of racket sizes and shapes, gloves, grips, footwear, and so on. Featured in numerous famous magazines and publications, Ektelon is regarded as the leader in racquetball.

9. ProKennex Pure 1 Racquetball Glove (Right Hand)

ProKennex Pure 1 Racquetball Glove (Right Hand)

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At ProKennex, the plan is simple. They set out to be an international leader in racquetball sport, and they have done just that. Every season at ProKennex, they improve their products, allowing their players to have an ever-growing arsenal with advanced technology to elevate their games. They focus on style, quality, and peak performance products for athletes and novice racquetball players across the world, at all levels. At ProKennex, they have vowed to only produce and introduce the best products that can be found on the racquetball market. This high-quality ProKennex Pure 1 Racquetball Glove is made of premium Pittards Quartz Cabretta leather, giving you an excellent grip and soft comfort fit for superior performance specifically designed just for racquetball. Each finger is engineered boxed sheepskin leather and micro-channel Lycra, allowing a relaxed, customized like the fit, with superior control. The neoprene knuckle pads offer additional durability and padding against abrasions or scuffs caused by the floor or wall when you’re playing hard. These gloves are priced to accommodate any budget, and will most likely be a favorite your collection, as they are highly rated by previous buyers, comfortable, made for racquetball, and last but not least, attractive.

8. Python Super Tack Racquetball

Python Super Tack Racquetball

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Python Super Tack Racquetball Glove is designed by Python racquetball, a company started in 1990 by Doug Smith, who owned it until it was taken over by Raquetworld has always striven to design and introduce top-quality products into their perspective industries. You can expect a superior manufactured product, from a manufacturer that respects their name as much as we do! The Digitized Palm Leather and Goatskin has a greater tensile strength, designed for support and control, while the High Elastomeric back allows cooling and a comfortable fit for any level of play.

7. HEAD Web Racquetball Glove

HEAD Web Racquetball Glove

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The HEAD Web is a favorite n Amazon with over 250 customer reviews and a 4.2-star rating. Designed in black maroon and red, these gloves will keep your hands dry and cool while you perform and have superior control due to their well thought out design. Specifically designed to silicone web Palm pattern for ultimate grip and durability, and a high-performance COOLTECH spandex backing allowing maximum circulation while giving superior performance and comfort. Excellent breathability and added knuckle pads for protection. This may satisfy customers, get ready to have the “glove thing” out of the way.

6. HEAD AirFlow Tour Racquetball Glove

HEAD AirFlow Tour Racquetball Glove

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HEAD AirFlow Tour Racquetball Glove – will give you a Premium Perforated Cabretta leather palm, that allows more air to flow through to the hand, keeping your hand cool and dry for excellent performance, grip, and comfort. Air preen is used to increase knuckle protection and incorporate ventilation. The nylon mesh Lycra backing creates another design incorporation that increases airflow for a magnificent feel all around. This glove is highly rated with previous buyers, named appropriately, designed for specific high-performance racquetball playing.

5. Python Deluxe Racquetball Glove

Python Deluxe Racquetball Glove

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Python Deluxe Racquetball Glove – Yet another excellent model from Python, better known as You can always superior quality products from one of the racquetball industries favorite manufacturers. 4.4 star rated out of 64 previous customers on this one Amazon channel, and the reviews are raving. Comfortable fit, Perforated Cabretta Leather with a Grip Strip Tackified Palm. High elastomeric back for greater fit, this glove will give you long-lasting durability with the nylon/spandex back to support control and comfort all day. On pointer fingers and middle finger, there is extra padding, bracing you from walls and floors when you dive. The design looks sharp, and you are not going to find a much better glove in the racquetball industry.

4. Python Vintage Synthetic Racquetball

Python Vintage Synthetic Racquetball

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Python Vintage Synthetic Racquetball Glove – The elasticized network back allows a snug fit and superior comfort. These are a favorite on this Amazon channel with 56 customer reviews and a 4.4-star rating from previous owners. Durable, synthetic leather for a long-lasting grip, and stitched throughout for durability. Again, “Nothing Grips like a Python!” We couldn’t recommend these gloves any higher!

3. Bionic Men’s Right Hand Racquetball Glove

Bionic Men's Right Hand Racquetball Glove

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Bionic Men’s Right Hand Racquetball Glove – Designed with a superior look and feel, this glove has over 145 customer reviews on this one Amazon channel, with an overall 4.3-star rating. The Bionic Men’s Right-Hand Racquetball Glove was designed by an orthopedic hand surgeon for superior moisture control, as well as grip, durability, and protection against dives, walls, floors, and the like. These gloves are washable, made of goatskin leather for grip and durability, and their flexible and padded enough to protect you on the most violent of racquetball tournaments or practices. There are 11 terrycloth mini-towels inside the glove that absorb moisture to keep the hands: dry, and extra terrycloth wristbands that help add wrist support and absorb sweat around the wrist. Anatomical pad system promotes a lighter and more secure grip for enhanced control, and a lot of time and consideration went into preparing these gloves, as you can tell by the design in the product video. Priced reasonably, and deliciously put, this glove is bound to be a favorite.

2. Python Deluxe Racquetball Glove

Python Deluxe Racquetball Glove

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Pearl white and black design with a red logo, well-known manufacturer Dunlop, has designed a coming favorite in racquetball gloves. The Lycra and neoprene backing provide superior comfort and fit at the same time, as well as enhancing performance, coolness, and airflow. The elastic wristband supports the wrist, and this glove is designed for high-performance racquetball playing. Pearl white and black design with a red logo, well-known manufacturer Dunlap will not be designing poor quality products anytime soon!. This glove is designed for high-performance racquetball playing.

1. Python Deluxe Racquetball Glove

Python Deluxe Racquetball Glove

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With 4.4 out of five stars, and over 64 happy customers, you will get a top quality designed glove made just for hard-driving racquetball. Plenty of padding to keep you off the floors and walls, and made of Perforated Cabretta Leather with Grip Strip Tackified palm for superior control, and extra comfort. Added grip across the back for increased power with extra wrist supports as well. High elastomeric back for greater fit and these gloves are made to last a long time. Nylon/spandex back with firm control and a snug yet cool fit, and again, you will not find a better glove on the open market.

Final Thoughts

As I stated in the introduction, the neoprene gloves and sheepskin gloves are the better ones for racquetball. Sheepskin, because it lasts longer and is more durable, comfortable, and soft. The synthetic leather will not hold up very long, but they are good if you need a quick fix or just something to go play one time with a friend. The brand that we recommend the most, of course, is Python, you’ll find them the most in our top 10 list of racquetball gloves above. The simple reason for that is they’ve been around for a while and mean business. They back their products, they are industry leaders, and they deliberately design the best products in racquetball. You can always find the best products on our blog, as we do extensive research to find out who is on top of these industries, and who is all talk. We hope this helps you in your hunt for the best racquetball glove for people sweaty hands. We all know and you need to be at your peak performance level without being distracted from by your gloves. We do not want anything getting in the way of your performance. Knock them dead out there!

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