Top 10 Best Snowboard Bindings of 2022 Review

If you’re a snowboarding enthusiast, you understand the critical role the bindings play. They not only keep you safe while snowboarding, they also ensure that your feet is comfortable in the process. However, hunting for the best snowboard bindings is never easy. There are numerous brands out there and the options make it difficult to find the best products.

Factors to take into consideration when shopping for snowboard bindings include:


  • The right binding fits without being too loose or too tight. You can find sizes ranging from large to small. Take into consideration the size of your boot before picking any binding.

Ease of use

  • The binding needs to be easy to get in and out. Whether it’s an S step or a strap on binding, make sure that it is easy to use.


  • Some prefer softer snowboard bindings as they display a little error margin, not to mention quicker recovery. Others prefer stiffer bindings as they provide better performance and maneuverability.


  • Buying proper bindings that will last you for a while and provide you with good performance is critical.

So here are the top 10 snowboard bindings in 2017 you might take into your consideration.

10. Rome Snowboards The Dod Snowboard Bindings

Rome Snowboards The Dod Snowboard Bindings

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Rome is renowned for quality snowboard bindings. This model boasts of United Asym high back which offers amazing results. The baseplate offers immense support and strength for a rider on any terrain. The D-pad offers enough impact resistance for added comfort while riding. The ankle strap provides maximum support and safety.

9. K2 Indy Snowboard Bindings 2022 – Men’s

K2 Indy Snowboard Bindings 2022 - Men's

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Termed as one of the top rated brand leader when it comes to bindings and snowboard boots, these bindings are one of the best in the market. Being easier to operate and fast than its competitors, the K2 Men’s snowboard bindings make sure that you snowboard like a pro.

8. Flow NX2 Hybrid Snowboard Binding-Men’s

Flow NX2 Hybrid Snowboard Binding-Men’s

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If you’re looking for an all-round mountain snowboard binding, the NX2 bindings from Flow is a great choice. Featuring an aluminum baseplate that maintains flex, these bindings give you the best results without the loss of energy or efficiency. For added performance, the flex ranges from medium to stiff with added padding. These type of snowboard bindings are great for intermediate to advanced riders.

7. Flow Alpha MTN Snowboard Bindings 2022 with Upgraded LSR Ratchets

Flow Alpha MTN Snowboard Bindings 2022 with Upgraded LSR Ratchets

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With power strap mini ratchets, flow alpha snowboard bindings feature a composite baseplate that adds strength as well as comfort through the riding process. The hiback makes the bindings convenient and comfortable to ride in. With full EVA heel and toe pads, these bindings have the right fit which reduces impact when you are riding.

6. Flow Fuse Snowboard Bindings-Men’s

Flow Fuse Snowboard Bindings-Men’s

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Whether you’re at an advanced or just beginner level, these Flow Fuse snowboard bindings have mid-flexin for extra support. The high back reclines and goes back into place. With easy to adjust buckles, the Fuse snowboard bindings are perfect.

5. Burton Lexa EST Womens Snowboard Bindings

Burton Lexa EST Womens Snowboard Bindings

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The Burton Lexa features a single baseplate construction for terrain domination and adequate response. Being compact and lightweight, this binding is made from polycarbonate which makes it durable. Its minimal hinge disc and baseplate appealing and of less weight. Perfect for all terrains, the Burton snowboard bindings give a higher forward lean angle and unparalleled adjustability.

4. Rome Snowboards G2 Arsenal Snowboard Bindings

Rome Snowboards G2 Arsenal Snowboard Bindings

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If you’re looking for a solid, responsive binding, the Rome Snowboard bindings are an ideal choice. With a stiff high back and added technical features for control while on any terrain, these bindings ensure that you have the best time exploring the mountains. The medium high flex is not too soft or too stiff.

3. Flow Nexus Hybrid Snowboard Binding 2016

Flow Nexus Hybrid Snowboard Binding 2016

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Perfect for freestyle riding, the Hybrid snowboard bindings have full-EVA Toe and Heel Inserts, and molded composite baseplate which assist in transmitting energy without the loss of efficiency. For even flex, the bindings have rockered corners. The soft and easy flex makes these bindings perfect for beginner to intermediate ability level.

2. Flux Bindings PR 2016/2017 Model Snowboard Bindings

Flux Bindings PR 2016/2017 Model Snowboard Bindings

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Boasting of a unibody construction, the Flux bindings PR are one of the best in the market. Made from quality fiberglass, a baseplate of more than 10% of its construction, and high back, these bindings provide maximum safety. The Eva baseplate not only ensure your safety, they also provide unrivaled comfort and less friction. You can adjust the fit to meet your satisfaction and convenience.

1. Flux Bindings Snowboard Binding

Flux Bindings Snowboard Binding

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Renowned athletes like Tom Reilly use Flux snowboard bindings. Ideal for Freestyle Park riding to powder riding, these bindings provide performance and feature a rigid genetic base. Moreover, these bindings have flat single footbed shock absorbers that offer maximum support. The Alpha Ratchet buckles are lightweight and finger friendly. Featuring a medium flex, these bindings are perfect for riders with intermediate to advanced ability level. Available in metallic and matte colors, the flux bindings are available from small to large.


Whether you’re an advanced snowboarder or just starting out, it’s essential to find the right bindings. With these top ten list, you’ll find bindings that are comfortable, durable, and able to give you unrivaled performance.

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