Top 10 Best Snowboarding Boots for Women of 2024 Review

The right pair of snowboard boots is critical for a successful season on the slopes. A solid pair should fit well and be comfortable to have around all day long. The flex should match your style of riding and skill level. While aesthetics is not an important factor, it’s important to wear a boot that gets you compliments and gives you the confidence to go beyond your limits.

Some other factors to look out for include:

Lacing Systems

  • Traditional laces are popular with prototypical rider. They provide customizable fit and are easy to replace. Boa lacing offers easy adjustability and the locking can be done using one hand. Quick pull lacing is faster than conventional lacing system and vary from one company to the other.


  • Snowboard boots should fit, but not to the point where they cause pain. They should be fairly tight and should provide enough room to wiggle your toes inside.


  • You can find boots that offer soft to stiff flex. A soft flex would be perfect for beginner riders while mountain riders will do well with a stiff flexing boot.

So here are the top 10 women snowboard boots to consider:

10. Thirty two STW Boa Women’s Snowboard Boots

Thirty two STW Boa Women's Snowboard Boots

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Featuring a single Boa lacing system and a medium-soft flex, the Thirty two STW boots are easy to wear as they are nice and tight. With a great heel hold, the STW Boa boots are comfortable. The inclusion of a soft flex gives you a nice, smooth ride.

9. DC Women’s Search Snowboard Boot

DC Women's Search Snowboard Boot

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If you’re on a budget, DC women snowboard boots are an excellent choice. However, don’t think that the low price means that the gear is in any way inferior. With years of footwear experience, DC search delivers quality snowboard boots for the advanced rider who doesn’t need the whistles and bells of premium boots.
The EVA enhanced footbed and fleece lining deliver comfort while the speed lace provides enough support to get you cruising for days to come. With a single Boa coiler, you can tighten the outer shell in seconds and helps you cut down your costs. The outsole is made from Unilite, a durable and lightweight material that doesn’t get jammed with snow when you’re skating on a flat surface. With four various colorways to select from, there is a DC search for each person.

8. K2 Women’s HAVEN SNOWBOARD BOOT – 2015


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K2 Estate is a brand designed for the free rider. If you’re looking for a boot with a nice blend of comfort and performance, the K2 women’s haven snowboard boots are an excellent choice.

7. Thirty two TM-Two W’s 16′ Boots

Thirty two TM-Two W's 16' Boots

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Thirty Two are known for its impressive lineup of women’s boot and the TM version is no different. Featuring a sole with vibram, the boot reduces the chatter that can burn your feet during the riding session. The toe cap is made from pure rubber and provides shaping features in the streets. Featuring classic chunky lace, tongue tension system for added support, and a 3D molded tongue system, this classic boot is a must have.

6. Thirty two Team Two Women’s Snowboard Boots

Thirty two Team Two Women's Snowboard Boots

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Regarded as one of the stiff female boot, Thirty two women snowboard boots are designed to accommodate the needs of progressive riders. With a gimmick free traditional lacing system, these boots have a stiff flex enhanced by foam liner and they are a favorite with mountain riders.

5. DC Women’s Karma Snowboard Boot

DC Women's Karma Snowboard Boot

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Being one of the most affordable models on the market, DC Karma women boots are eye-catching and comfortable. Although the outer shell lacing system is simple and classic, the liner has a simple speed lace that gives you the right fit with less problems. The outsole is one of the lightest in the market. The medium flex allows you to ride anywhere.

4. Thirty two 86 Fast Track Snowboard Boots

Thirty two 86 Fast Track Snowboard Boots

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Featuring a rubber outsole that is grippy and a heat moldable liner foam, the Thirty Two 86 fast track offers focused performance. The level one footbed enhances support while the soft flex lets you get loose on jumps and jibs.

3. Thirty two STW BOA W’s 16′ Boots3

Thirty two STW BOA W's 16' Boots3

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The STW Boa snowboard boot is a popular choice with the ladies. Featuring a soft footbed and a cushy liner, the boot is comfortable for even advanced riders. With a single zone Boa lacing system, you’re able to get the boot in in seconds. For customizable comfort, the boot has a level 1 footbed. With 3D molded tongue hugs, the STW Boa is a solid choice.

2. Thirty two Lashed Fast Track Women’s Snowboard Boots

Thirty two Lashed Fast Track Women's Snowboard Boots

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The women lashed fast track boots are perfect as they are not only comfortable, they are also good for various riders across the board. They are also excellent all round boot even if you’re past the beginner’s phase. Available in three different versions namely, a speed lacing version, Boa version, and a traditional lacing version, these boots are worth the investment. The different lacing system in these versions have their pros and cons.

1. Thirty two Lashed BOA W’s 16′ Boots

Thirty two Lashed BOA W's 16' Boots

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The speed lace and classic versions of the Thirty Two Lashed women’s snowboard have made these boots one of the industry’s top sellers. You can now find the Boa Version, making this one of the most popular brands out there.

These boots provide quick and precise adjustment. A single dial on the front controls the boot, making it easy to wear the boot in seconds. The shell is separated into different sections which eliminate the warping that can occur when the boot flexes. This keeps the boot in shape for longer. All these aspects make it comfortable, and it’s one of the winning designs out there.

The plush material at the cuff provides comfort while the power strap across the liner gives the boot some extra support. While you ride, the dual density foam takes care of your foot. Available in plain black, bright purple, pink, and burgundy version, these boots are worth every cent.

These are some of the top rated snowboard boots for women. Choosing one of these boots will guarantee you a smooth ride, not to forget, durability and comfort.

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