Top 10 Best Snowboarding Stomp Pads of 2019 Review

It might be cold outside during winter, but you can still experience a thrilling experience, provided you are well equipped with the appropriate regime. In this case, owning excellent items such as high performance snowboards is sometimes not sufficient, especially if you are a novice or your perhaps want to improve your performance out on the snow as well. For this reason, we recommend the best snowboarding stomp pads as the best addition to your enhanced performance, and fun needs when out on the snow. For those who are not aware, stomp pad is simply special pads that are designed to improve traction, when gliding on the snow. We highlighted some of the following top snowboarding stomp pads reviews:

10. NEW Grayne Circle Snowboard Stomp Pad with Scraper Clear Superior Grip

NEW Grayne Circle Snowboard Stomp Pad with Scraper Clear Superior GripGet it now on

Experience the superior quality of the NEW Grayne Circle Snowboard Stomp Pad with Scraper Clear Superior Grip that helps you stay glued to your body and with only one foot strapped in for safety. Besides that, this board has been made using the high-quality material, and it’s also designed to provide various benefits for your snowboarding needs. The stomp pad will also stay firmly in place as you enjoy your time in the snow and maintain optimal control for your unique snowboarding capabilities.

9. Dakine Pyramid Studs Stomp Pad, Chrome

Dakine Pyramid Studs Stomp Pad, ChromeGet it now on

Change the way in which you experience your time outdoors by using the Dakine Pyramid Stud Stomp Pad that is made using plated aluminum for unrivaled performance benefits. This stomp pad comprises of a special peel and sticks adhesives for added durability. This snowboard pad will improve your performance on the snow and without adding any additional weight on your snowboard. It is also simple to install.

8. Dakine Spike Stomp Stomp Pad One Size Clear

Dakine Spike Stomp Stomp Pad One Size ClearGet it now on

Become a better performer in the snow by investing the Dakine Stomp pad that comprises a translucent molded spike pattern that provides enhanced traction benefits. Besides that, this stomp pad also comprises of sections that can be cut apart and reconfigured for optimal performance benefits on the snow. The unique peel and stick adhesives go a long way in ensuring the pads stay in place for optimal stability. It is also highly durable and simple to install on the snowboard.

7. STAGE Scraper Stomp Pad

STAGE Scraper Stomp PadGet it now on

Realize your unique performance goals on the snow by using the Dakine Circle Mat Stomp Pad that comprises of three configurable pieces for unrivaled performance benefits. Besides that, it also comes with a special die-cut vinyl material that is both durable and appealing as well. The unique Dakine Logo adds to the overall appeal of the stomp pad, and it also comes with three configurable pieces of die cut vinyl that is made using high-quality peel and stick adhesives.

6. Dakine X-Mat Stomp Pad

Dakine X-Mat Stomp PadGet it now on

Enjoy your time in the snow by using the Dakine X-mat Stomp pad that is made using durably molded urethane for long-lasting performance. It also features a special X shape that makes it the perfect addition to your snowboard. This Dakin X stomp pad also has a fully functional and fun design that lets you enjoy the outdoors with style. It’s also simple to install and has been designed for years of unrivaled performance.

5. ToeJamR Stomp Pad – Ace of Spades – Gray

Toejamr Snowboard Stomp Pad - ACE of Spades - GrayGet it now on

The ToeJamR stomp pad improves your traction when skating over to lift, and it won’t slip even when as you step on the board. ToeJamR manufacturers have also done well to ensure that it is available in various designs, to make it perfect for you to choose various solutions for your needs. All you need to do is to simply peel and stick with a high tack cold formula with a special adhesive for enhanced performance. This unit is also ultra light to improve your airtime and snowboarding performance.

4. ToeJamR Stomp Pad – Alien – Gray

ToeJamR Stomp Pad - Alien - GrayGet it now on

Make the most of your time outdoors by using the ToeJamr Stomp pad that does well to improve the traction levels on your board. It has also been constructed using ultra light laminated foam that enhances your airtime, and it also comes with an easy to install peel and stick adhesive for added benefits. This stomp pad also enables better control of the lift line, and it’s available in various designs to match your style when outdoors.

3. ToeJamR Snowboard Pad – Wolf Paw – Gray

ToeJamR Snowboard Stomp Pad - Wolf Paw - GrayGet it now on

Winter time has never been more exciting than with high-performance snowboard components such as the Toejamr stomp pad. This pad has been designed to improve traction for almost any type of user and without compromising the performance. The ultra-light and compact design mean that this snowmobile improves performance and it’s also durable for long-lasting results. It’s also simple to install and perfect for various board types.

2. New Erik Sports M8trix Matrix Snowboard Stomp Pad 3.75×5.5 Black or Clear Color

Erik Sports New M8trix Matrix Snowboard Stomp Pad 3.75x5.5 Black or Clear ColorGet it now on

The New Erik Sports M8trix Snowboard stomp pad is durable and has been designed to enhance the performance of the board for years of unrivaled performance. It also comes with a superior material construction, which makes it comfortable for the user’s feet and without introducing any compromising weight. The stomp pad is simple to install, and it comes with a special appealing design to let you enjoy

1. Dakine Dum Drops Stomp Pad

Dakine Dum Drops Stomp PadGet it now on

With the Grayne Metal Studded Snowboard, you can easily achieve your unique goals since it improves traction and it’s also simple to use as well. This stomp pad is simple to install, and it comes with superior adhesives that work well to improve your traction levels especially when traveling on the snow. It also features a lightweight design that lets you explore the snow with high-performance results and it’s also simple to install on the snowboard as well.


Finally and in considering all the important factors, you can easily improve the functionality of your snowboard by investing in the best snowboarding stomp pads. These things are simple to install, and most are designed to be compact, thereby adding minimal weight to the snowboard. More so, most pads are available with powerful adhesives which provide optimal traction on the board.

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