Top 15 Best Travel Carry on Luggage of 2024 Review

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Many frequent flyers do not like the hassle of having to stand in the baggage area of an airport waiting for their checked luggage to come spinning down the carousel, and that’s if their luggage hasn’t been misplaced. Then there is the annoying fee one has to pay to check a bag which increases the cost of their flight as these costs keep increasing. They instead prefer to pack their items into a dependable carry-on piece of luggage that has increased space for packing, TSA-friendly compartments, and sturdy wheels. These are some of the best travel carry-on luggage pieces that you should consider for your next trip. They are each constructed with quality materials and feature some of the industry’s best designs. Use this information to choose the best one for you as you compare the features offered.

List of the Best Travel Carry on Luggage of 2024:

15. Travelpro Platinum Magna Spinner Carry-On

Travelpro Platinum Magna Spinner Carry-On

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The Travelpro Platinum Magna Spinner Carry-On features patent-pending technology of using self-aligning magnetic wheel spinners so that your luggage rolls straight. It also includes an extendable aluminum handle that stops at three different heights. This handle has been designed to keep your carry-on from wobbling as you navigate through your travels. The exterior is ballistic nylon fabric with a DuraGuard coating and is equipped with both top and side handles for easier handling.

The dimensions of this carry on are 21 x 14 x 9 making it easy to store in over-head compartments.

14. Victorinox Avolve Carry-One

Victorinox Avolve Carry-One

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The Victorinox Avolve Carry-On will provide you extra packing capacity and still fit in airport carry-on guidelines. It is a four-wheel upright that will fit your needs perfectly for a two to four-day getaway. The handle has a comfortable grip which includes a one-touch locking system for your handle to stay in one of three adjustable heights. The four wheels add stability to this piece and allow for 360-degree maneuverability. The Victorinox Avolve provides you a padded front pocket to protect your laptop during travel which is accessed through zippered closure. Also included on this piece is a top pocket for easy access to needed items. You can also attach a smaller bag to the front of this piece with removable attach-a-bag strap.

This bag measures 37 x 41 x 39.

13. Briggs & Riley Expandable Upright Carry-On

Briggs & Riley Expandable Upright Carry-On

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The Briggs & Riley Expandable Upright Carry-On will make your getaways easier and faster as it is designed as a lightweight piece of luggage. Exterior offers you 100 percent two-tone nylon twill fabric that will resist moisture, wear, and abrasions. It is easily cleaned with a damp cloth or an adhesive lint remover. This carry-on can expand to fit your items and then decompress to allow for storage in over-head compartments. This is an ideal piece of luggage for two to four-day getaways. It includes built-in outside pockets for your ease in getting through security easily.

This piece measures 9.3 x 225 x 14 for easy storage in over-head.

12. Briggs & Riley Baseline Cabin Spinner

Briggs & Riley Baseline Cabin Spinner

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The Briggs & Riley Baseline Cabin Spinner is a compact, lightweight carry-on luggage piece. It has four double swivel wheels allowing for full 360-degree navigation and easily accessed outside pockets. The interior is accessed with a large U-shaped opening and fits comfortably in most over-head compartments. There is a sleeve for your tablet in the front pocket and includes a fabric lining with zipper closures.

This piece measures 15.5 x 9.8 x 15.5 making it airport compatible for carry-on luggage guidelines.

11. Samsonite Black Label Spinner 55/20

Samsonite Black Label Spinner 55/20

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The Samsonite Black Label Spinner Carry-On features curv technology which is a new concept in thermoplastics.  With the curv technology this piece is extremely lightweight and has exceptional resistance to impacts. There are four multi-directional spinner wheels allows great maneuverability so there is never any weight on your arm or shoulder. Inside this piece are integrated bungee cords to hold your items in place during travel and combination locks to protect your important belongings.

This piece has dimensions of 20.5 x 14.5 x 7.5 allowing you to easily store in over-heard bins.

10. Tumi Tegra-Lite Continental Expandable Carry-On

Tumi Tegra-Lite Continental Expandable Carry-On

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The Tumi Tegra-Lite Continental Expandable Carry-On is an incredibly functional and one of the most durable hard-side carry-on luggage pieces. It has been engineered with the highest levels of durability and impact resistance while still maintaining the lightweight effect. This piece has a spacious and accessible front pocket for ease in reaching needed items. The Tumi Tegra-Lite carry-on is perfect for longer business trips or extended leisure trips. It has a roomy interior which includes a removable garment sleeve and two interior packing compartments.

The dimensions or this carry-on are 22 x 16 x 9.

9. Briggs & Riley Baseline Carry-On Exp Spinner

Briggs & Riley Baseline Carry-On Exp Spinner

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Briggs & Riley Baseline is a distinctive piece of luggage that allows travelers to create their own solutions for their traveling needs. The carry-on exp spinner will increase your packing capacity and the compress back to original size to make storing in over-head storage easy. It also has an outside handle so items inside remain wrinkle-free. This carry-on features four durable swivel wheels for great maneuverability and easy navigation through busy airport terminals. There are pockets placed between the handle for easy access storage area.

This piece measures 9 x 14 x 22 which is within airport carry-on guidelines.

8. Briggs & Riley Baseline Wide-Body Upright Carry-On

Briggs & Riley Baseline Wide-Body Upright Carry-On

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The Briggs & Riley Baseline Wide-Body Upright Carry-On is constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum handle system with adjustments for four separate heights. It has been designed with a speed thru pocket allowing for storage of items that need attention at security checkpoints. This carry-on features CX technology which expands the piece up to 34% and then compresses back to original size. Fabric lining and zipper closures with a large U-zip front pocket.

Dimensions of this carry-on are 15.5 x 8.8 x 21.5 making it airport approved for carry-on luggage.

7. Tumi Alpha 2 Expandable Carry-On

Tumi Alpha 2 Expandable Carry-On

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Tumi Alpha 2 Expandable Carry-On symbolizes their commitment to making traveler’s experiences more enjoyable. Their carry-on is lighter and stronger with more packing room capacity. They use a patented closure system with all their pieces reduce the risk of damage occurring to the zippers. With the use of the Omega zipper design, the puller will break away from your carry-on if should become caught. This Tumi Alpha 2 is designed to hold clothes on hangers that can be purchased separately. It also has four swivel wheels making it easy to maneuver through the airports.

Measurements of this piece are 9.1 x 14 x 22.1 qualifying it as a carry-on piece of luggage.

6. Tumi Voyageur Super Leger Carry-On

Tumi Voyageur Super Leger Carry-On

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The Tumi Voyageur Super Leger Carry-On has a front U-zip pocket for tablets or phones, and flat zip pocket to access necessary items easily. It is designed with an adjustable-height telescoping handle as well as top and side handles for optional carrying. This carry-on also has a four-wheel system making for effortless maneuverability. Constructed from lightweight nylon and leather trim this carry-on will make travel easier. Tumi designs their luggage with state-of-the-art wheels using sealed steel ball bearings mounted on solid steel axles. You can pull this piece worry-free through any airport traffic. Their wheels will roll quietly and smoothly for hundreds of miles.

5. Samsonite Inova HS Spinner Luggage

Samsonite Inova HS Spinner Luggage

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If you are a professional travel, the Samsonite Inova HS Spinner is the carry-on you need. This is a straightforward piece of luggage with an efficient and clean design and has a brushed finish using high-tech Makrolon PC material. This carry-on is capable of 360 degree turns with its four easy-gliding double wheels. The interior contains functional dividers with cross straps that will keep your clothes neatly in place during travel. The high-tech material used in its construction is reliable and high impact resistant.

Dimensions of this piece are 20 x 15 x 7.5 making it airport compatible.

4. Tumi Vapor Lite Carry-On

Tumi Vapor Lite Carry-On

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The Tumi Vapor Lite Carry-On is one of the lightest carry-on pieces in the hard-side design. Tumi’s time-tested endurance guarantees the strength and durability of this piece. It is a four-wheel carry-on that is easy to maneuver and ideal for both international and domestic flights. The tubing of the telescoping handles is constructed with aircraft grade aluminum, and the bag is designed for lightweight and convenient movements. Tumi makes travelers more secure by including a Tumi Tracker on their luggage pieces. This unique program will help you reunite with this piece should you ever become separated from it. It has four double-roller wheels which are free swiveling making it a very smooth experience while traveling.

3. Briggs & Riley Torq Carry-On Luggage Spinner

Briggs & Riley Torq Carry-On Luggage Spinner

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The Briggs & Riley Torq Carry-On is 100% Polycarbonate that has a fabric lining with zipper closures. It is an incredibly strong piece which is lightweight and easy to manage. This piece features a 360-degree double spinner wheel design made of strong metal components. The Briggs & Riley has a unique TSA-friendly combination lock and an 80/20 opening on the lid allowing for traditional packing on luggage racks. You will have increased packing space and an outside handle that makes for wrinkle-free packing of clothing possible.

This piece meets airport standards for carry-on luggage with 14.3 x 9.4 x 21.4 dimensions.

2. Briggs & Riley Baseline Carry-On Expandable Upright

Briggs & Riley Baseline Carry-On Expandable Upright

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The Briggs & Riley Baseline Carry-On features an attachment to the outside of the piece enabling you to use it for your laptop or other items. This is one of the top picks by flyers who have to travel frequently as it expands up to 25-percent from its original 9-inch depth and compresses back down for over-head storage. The outside of the piece is made from ballistic nylon making it incredibly wear resistant against dirt, moisture, and abrasions. The Briggs & Riley is designed with V-groove handle tubes making it stronger and less likely to jam. There are self-repairing ykk zippers on the piece to guarantee you smoother zipper action with a zippered outer pouch to access necessary items quickly.

This piece measures 14 x 9 x 22 making it the perfect size for airport regulations for carry-on luggage.

1. Tumi Alpha Continental Expandable

Tumi Alpha Continental Expandable

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Your travel experience will be elevated when you travel with the Tumi Alph Continental Expandable. Its engineering, functionality, and performance make this piece one of the top sellers in carry-on luggage. There are more than 30 improvements made to its design, including 14 that have been patented and found only with Tumi luggage pieces. This carry-on is lighter and stronger and still offers increased packing capacity with a sleek profile. The Tumi Alpha is easier to maneuver and includes smarter functionality and constructed with ultra-durable ballistic nylon.


These carry-on luggage pieces all come with fantastic features that have been designed to make traveling with you easier and more convenient. Features designed into each one of them has travelers needs and expectations in mind so that travel is more convenient, safer, easier, and more affordable as checking a bag will not be necessary. We are confident one of these carry-on luggage pieces is the perfect one for you.

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