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Top 10 Best Wood Burning Stove Fans in 2017 Reviews

You can reduce your electricity bills by using heat powered stove fans. This means that they can work even during a blackout hence they are efficient and reliable. These best wood burning stove fans use heat from burning wood or even the house’s fireplace to work providing your home with adequate to circulate heat around the house. They become very useful during cold seasons. Here is an outline of the best stove fans you can get this year.

10. Fireplace Heat Powered Fan

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This fan operates extremely quietly that you hardly notice its existence. One only feels the warm breeze that it pushes. Maintaining it is easy as only needs to lubricate the rotating shaft to make it move noiselessly. It also helps you know when the fire level has gone down as it automatically becomes slower. The fan is durable and is deemed to last forever.

9. Caframo Ecofan Alcona Heat Powered Stove Fan

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Operating with a minimum temperature of 110 degrees Celsius, it works with the quietness of a whisper while pushing up to 100 cubic feet of warm air each minute. Its 8-inch blades are big and have enough power to make the fan work efficiently. One is advised to get a stove top thermometer when getting this fan to help monitor the heat levels. It is durable and needs very little maintenance.

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8. Midwest Hearth Eco Fans for Wood Stoves | Heat Powered Ecofan

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The heat powered fan is well automated. It starts itself when placed on a stove or the fire-place. Its speed depends on the surface temperature. It uses fuel efficiently and saves a lot of it, reducing carbon emission hence is environmental friendly. It helps one feel the warm breeze up to 38 times faster than not using a fan. It proves to be convenient and reliable.

7. Caframo 800CAXBX Limited Original Ecofan

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You get this fan fully intact and no assembly is required. It creates its own electricity enough to sustain it. It works well with high temperatures to enable it blow warm air up to 38 feet away. It does this at a speed of 100 cubic meters every minute. It circulates air throughout the room with an awesome flow. Maintaining it is simple as you only need to lubricate the moving part periodically. The blades are the only moving parts hence it operates quietly.

6. Achla Designs Room-to-Room Minuteman Doorway Fan

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The room to room doorway fan uses the heat from your fireplace to efficiently circulate warm air throughout multiple rooms in your house. It uses a powerful motor well lubricated and design to last a lifetime. Installing it is easy as it has mounting brackets for that. It rotates at two constant speeds with a switch to vary between the speeds. Reversing it is easy and the product comes with an 11 feet cord.

5. Caframo Limited Ecofan Ultrair

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This eco-friendly fan is efficient with the amount of fuel it uses and reduces carbon emission to the environment. One can use it as soon as you get it as it needs no assembly. It works best on stoves, pellets and fireplace wood. It is efficient as it provides a higher air flow at lower temperatures hence saves on the fuel. It is easily portable as it has a non-conducting handle to carry it.

4. Kenley Heat Powered Eco Stove

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The fan helps to move your stove heat through the room more efficiently. It regulates its own speed with it increasing with an increase in temperature. Powered by heat alone, it helps save on electricity and save on bills. It uses no motor, the only rotating parts are the blades; this makes it whisper quiet that one would have a hard time noticing it is working. Installing it is easy too. It is made with a rust resistant material hence lasts for long.

3. Midwest Hearth Eco Fans for Wood Stoves | Heat Powered Ecofan

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The fan doesn’t require any assembly when received. It distributes heat throughout the room way fast. It is automated and starts on its own when placed on a heat stone. The fan speeds adjusts itself with the stove’s temperature. The fan is ecofriendly as it saves on electricity and reduces on carbon emission with little and efficient fuel usage.

2. Caframo 812AMXBX Limited AirMax Ecofan

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It circulates warm air around a room with a speed of up to 175 cubic feet per minute. With this fan, the higher the temperature, the better the air flow. It works quietly and maintaining it is easy. It is ideal for people living with constant shortage of electricity. The fan serves economically and efficiently with little fuel required to run it.

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1. TACLIFE Stove Fan, Swing 62° Function, New Patented

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This is undeniably the best stove fan existing right now. It has three blades that ensure warm air circulate throughout the entire room. It has automatic starting at a low temperature of 65 degrees Celsius and blows air with a maximum speed of 168 cubic feet per minute. It increases the circulation of warm air by 75% with an in built swing function. The fan also appears fashionable and is durable requiring less maintenance.

Choosing a stove fan to use may be a cumbersome process as they all appear to work the same way and produce the same result. However several factors differentiate them and one should consider most of them before getting one. Among these factors are: the distance the fan pushes warm air, its speed, the size of the room you are installing it in and how much fuel the fan uses. Careful considerations should therefore be put in place when picking this product.