Top 15 Best Hard Case Luggages of 2018 Review

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Hard case luggage can make a huge difference in terms of protecting people’s belongings when they’re on vacation.

People need to have the sort of luggage that will be able to withstand shock, which their luggage is going to experience at some point during the trip.

Hard case luggage is often going to be significantly more stylish than a lot of the other luggage that people will find.

It will also manage to last longer, which is going to be important for the people who are constantly going on vacations and business trips.

These folks will be able to find plenty of different contenders for the best hard case luggage online, given the high demand for these sorts of items.

A lot of this luggage will be as aesthetically pleasing as it is durable.

Quick List of the Best Hard Case Luggages of 2018:

15. Ninewest the Noelle Three-Piece, a Hardside Set (29”/25”/21”)

Ninewest 3 Piece Hardside Spinner Luggage Set, Black
  • Lightweight, protective hardside exterior to safely secure belongings
  • 360 degree spinner wheels for accessible mobility
  • Fully lined interior with elegant gold hardware accents on the exterior

Keep your belongings safe and secure with Ninewest Noelle Three-Piece Hardside Set.

It is designed with a hardside exterior and textile lining for optimum safety and comfort.

For easier mobility, the case has 360 degrees spinner wheels.

It is enhanced with elegant gold hardware accents lining that makes the case outstanding.

14. Nautica the Ahoy 3 Piece, a Hardside Spinner with Outer Shell Set (28”/25”/21”)

Nautica 3 Piece Hardside Spinner Luggage Set, Silver/Black/Empire Yellow
  • Durable abs hardside exterior
  • Lightweight construction featuring 360 degree four wheel spinner system
  • Recessed trolley handles with push-button locking mechanism

Created with a hardside abs exterior, this is an ideal case for the best protection of your luggage.

It features 360 degrees for wheel spinner system that makes it easy to tag the case along.

Recessed trolley handles that feature push-button locking mechanism enhances handling.

The case interior is lined for better safety alongside two mesh pocket and adjustable straps to secure contents inside.

13. Nautica Luggage Ahoy 3 Piece Hardside Spinner Outer Shell Set

Nautica 3 Piece Hardside Spinner Luggage Set
  • Durable abs hardside exterior
  • Lightweight construction featuring 360 degree four wheel spinner system
  • Recessed trolley handles with push-button locking mechanism

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Featuring a textured and durable 100% ABS hard side shell, this is the perfect case for your luggage.

Its interiors are fully lined where adjustable straps and zippered mesh pockets provide enhanced safety for your luggage.

Tagging the case along is made easy by the recessed trolley handle with push locking mechanism.

Four-wheel spinner system for easy 360 degrees rolling makes mobility easier.

12. Kenneth the Cole Reaction Reverb, a Luggage Set

Kenneth Cole Reaction Reverb Hardside 8-Wheel 3-Piece Spinner Luggage Set: 20" Carry-on, 25", 29",...
  • Abs 20 inch, 25 inch, & 29 inch expandable 8-wheel uprights 3-piece set luggage. Durable lightweight...
  • Rear interior section includes a side zipper pocket, garment restraint panels and two zipper pockets...
  • Uprights have 4 protective feet allowing the bag to stand on it's side. Padded, retractable top and...

Created to handle heavy weights, the case features 8-wheel spinners, which allow a smooth 360-degree rotation.

For better safety, the interiors are fully lined alongside molded and reinforced corners.

It has retractable handle systems featuring both top and side handles for easier handling and lifting.

The packaging of luggage is made simpler by side zipper pocket, expansion feature on the upper lid and open elastic shoe pockets.

11. Samsonite Omni a PC 2 Piece with a Set of 20 and 28 type of Spinner

Samsonite Omni PC 2 Piece Set of 20 and 28 Spinner (Caribbean Blue)
  • Elegant brush stroke pattern hides any potential scratches from exterior
  • Full capacity squared design
  • Unified design on front and back of exterior

Made of 100% polycarbonate with a nylon lining, this case offers maximum protection for your luggage.

This comes alongside the micro-diamond texture that is scratch resistant ensuring the case remains shiny even after your trip.

The re-engineered lightweight spinner wheels are perfect for mobility.

For easier packing and organization, its interior features a divider and cross straps that ensure your items are held firmly while in transit.

The TSA lock installed on the case maintains safety and security of the contents.

10. Kenneth Cole the Reaction Out of Bounds a Luggage Set

Kenneth Cole Reaction Out Of Bounds 4-Wheel Hardside 3-Piece Luggage Set: 20" Carry-on, 24", 28",...
  • Spacious fully lined interior features garment restraints and a zipper pocket
  • Lid features a large u-shaped zipper pocket, Convenient and flexible top and side handles allows for...
  • Side bezels allow upright to stand on its side, Four wheel construction allows upright to be rolled...

An ideal case for family and extended travel, it features an expansive and expandable interior.

It is designed with molded feet that make it easy to stand upright.

Handling is made better by the top and side handles that also make it easy to lift.

The four-wheel rollers that offer supports for heavy cargo is enhanced by their smooth 360-degree rotation, which enables mobility.

9. Rockland Luggage a 3 Piece Metallic Set

Rockland Luggage 3 Piece Metallic Upright Set, Bronze, Medium
  • 20 inch,24 inch,28 inch upright
  • Lightweight yet extremely durable polycarbonate, abs material
  • Multi-directional spinner wheels

It’s safe hard outer is a combination of 50% polycarbonate and abs material that is as well long-lasting.

It provides with adequate space to hold your luggage.

Inner storage space is enhanced with an interior mesh pocket and elastic straps that make it easier and comfortable to arrange your luggage.

Its light in weight hence adds no unnecessary weight to your items.

8. Ricardo the Beverly Hills Greenfield, a 2-Piece 4 Wheel Luggage Set

Designed with strength enough to handle any impact, the case features protective corner armor as an enhancement.

For easier mobility and to reduce the strains, it is fitted with oversized double spin wheels.

Storage is made efficient through built-in suite that minimizes chances of crease development on your clothes.

This comes alongside expandable compartment to enable handling of more items.

7. Nautica Tide the Beach Three-Piece, a Hardside Set (28”/25”/21”)

Nautica 3 Piece Hardside Spinner Luggage Set, Cobalt Blue
  • Ribbed, diamond textured abs hard side shell
  • Four wheel spinner system for easy maneuvering
  • Push button locking trolley handle

The case features ribbed diamond textured hard side shell that gives it an outstanding appearance.

This is an enhancement to the 100% abs material used in the construction of the case.

The interiors are fitted with two mesh zipper pockets and a zippered curtain to ease the packing process.

Handling and portability are enhanced through its push button lock trolley handle and the four-wheel spinner system.

6. Samsonite Luggage Fiero HS Spinner 28

Samsonite Fiero HS Spinner 28" Luggage
  • Lightweight spinner in scratch-resistant micro-diamond texture featuring extra capacity expansion
  • Full-zip interior divider and cross straps
  • Side-mounted TSA approved lock

The hard side of this case features a micro-diamond texture, which is scratch resistant meaning it remains clean and smooth after your travels.

To enhance better packing organization, the case interior features an interior divider and adjustable cross straps.

This comes alongside an expandable interior that creates room for more pieces of luggage.

Mobility is made easier by the four lightweight wheels fitted on the case.

5. Rockland Luggage, the Piece Sonic an Upright Case

Rockland Luggage 3 Piece Abs Upright Luggage Set, Champagne, Medium
  • 20 inch,24 inch,28 inch upright
  • Lightweight yet extremely durable abs material
  • Multi-directional spinner wheels

Created of highly durable abs material, the case has the capacity to live for long and offer the desired services.

This comes alongside being lightweight a factor that makes it ideal for any travel without fear of carrying excess weight.

The case is easy to tag along a factor enhanced by the multi-directional spinner wheels that also make it easy to navigate and maneuver through sidewalks and congested places.

4. Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside 28″ Luggage, Charcoal

Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside 28" Luggage, Charcoal
  • HANDSOME SLIDER in square full-capacity design featuring 10 oversized zipper and interior divider...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT locking telescopic handle
  • FOUR, MULTI-DIRECTIONAL SPINNER WHEELS for effortless mobility, re-engineered lightweight

The case is made of high quality 100% polycarbonate that is strong enough to handle your luggage through all weather extremes.

With a squared full-capacity design, it offers full protection for items held within from being squeezed or broken.

This is alongside a fabric lining on the interior.

For security purposes, the case features a zipper closure alongside a side mounted TSA lock.

3. Samsonite Omni, a PC Piece, Set with a Spinner 20, 24 and 28

Samsonite Omni PC 3 Piece Set Spinner 20 24 28, Teal
  • Micro-diamond texture is extremely scratch-resistant, keeping cases beautiful after a trip
  • Re-engineered lightweight spinner wheels for effortless mobility
  • Full-zip interior, divider and cross-straps for increased packing organization. Side-mounted tsa...

This case offers the perfect storage space for your luggage.

Its expandable option on all sides makes it possible to create more space hence carry along more luggages.

Its hard case is micro-diamond textured and in such way ability to remain free from scratch after travel or usage.

Its interior contains nylon lining that not only ensures your luggage remains safe and secure but as well offers protection from adverse weather effects.

2. Samsonite Luggage a Winfield 2 Fashion with HS 3 Piece Set

Samsonite Winfield 2 3PC Hardside (20/24/28) Luggage Set, Charcoal
  • 3 pc sets contains 1 ea: 20/24/28 spinner
  • Squared full-capacity design
  • Full-zip interior divider with organization pockets

Made from 100% polycarbonate material, the case is the ideal carrying companion for your travels.

It offers optimum security for your items inside through the side mounted TSA locks and the oversized ten zippers.

It comes in a squared full-capacity design that ensures that even when with other luggage it remains compact and no damage to its contents.

This is alongside the fabric interior lining that keeps the contents safer.

1. Bellagio 2.0 Ultra Light 21 Inch International Carry On Spinner Trunk

Bellagio 2.0 Ultra Light 21 Inch International Carry On Spinner Trunk
  • Highly impact resistant, lightweight 100 percent makrolon polycarbonate shell
  • Telescopic 3-stage pull handle, drum-dyed Italian leather trim, water-resistant sealed zipper, tsa...
  • 5 year limited manufacturer's warranty

Ade of 1005 ABS material, the case features a sophisticated vintage-inspired truck design.

This is alongside the ABS/PC molded hardside shell that keeps your entire luggage safely inside.

For better safety, the interiors feature vault straps that hold different items securely and in such a way increase safety.

Handling and mobility of the case are made easier through its telescopic trolley handles featuring a push-button locking mechanism.

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