Top 10 Best Solar Battery Chargers for Cellphones of 2020 Review

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Are you searching for the ideal solution for powering your favorite handheld devices?

Well, we strongly recommend that you start with the best solar battery chargers for cell phones reviews as the best place for you to start.

Cell phones have evolved over the years to become a key component of our day-to-day lives.

However, we are sometimes vulnerable in those the devices have low batteries and we don’t have a convenient solution for gaining power.

By choosing these devices, we increase the likelihood that our cell phones will be functional when we need them the most. Some these devices include:

10. Solar Power Bank, PowerGreen10000mAh Charger

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Experience the next generation of cell phone powered by using the Powergreen Solar power bank that comes with a high capacity battery that features a solar panel.

It also comes with dual USB ports for your smartphone and any other device simultaneously.

The inclusion of the 32 LED flashlight and emergency light works perfectly in various conditions.

It also has a superior portability design that lets users hang it with the included hook.

9. Solar Charger 12000mAh, X-DNENG Portable High-Efficiency SunPower Solar Panel

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Discover the excellence of the X-DNENG portable solar panel that improves power conversion by as much as 24%.

It is a high capacity solar panel, that is equipped with an external battery pack and single crystal panel for added performance.

As a result, users can charge their devices without risking thermal overloads.

The inclusion of the environmental protective silicone shell provides durability benefits including shock and dust proof benefits.

It also has a double LED flashlight and SOS functionality for added convenience.

8. USB Solar Phone Charger, Ptime 28W Portable Solar Panel

3.5mm Headphone AdapterGet it now on

Take your powering capabilities to the next level by investing in the USB solar phone charger that is compatible with various types of devices.

It provides exceptional light source sensitivity, and with a waterproof design as well.

To be specific, the light source sensitivity is much stronger than the conventional solar panels, even in cloudy conditions.

It is also portable and compact to make it convenient to carry around.

The manufacturers have also done well to ensure that this unit comprises of durable components for years of performance.

7. JETSUN Solar Charger 23650mAh Portable Power Bank

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Realize what you have been missing when it comes to powering your favorite devices by using the JETSUN Solar charger that provides high capacity benefits.

For instance, it comes with a powerful power bank that is equipped with a compact solar panel.

Besides that, users will also appreciate that it comes with a dual solar charger USB port.

This allows users to transmit power to as many a two devices at the same time for optimal convenience.

6. Solar Power Bank, PowerGreen10000mAh Charger 2-Port USB

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Enjoy the best of smartphone performance even in remote areas by investing in the Powergreen Solar Power Bank.

This high capacity battery charger comes with dual USB ports, which allows users to charge two devices at the same time.

It also comes with as many as 32 led flashlight and emergency lights, which makes it perfect for various applications.

The superior portability design means that users can easily hang it on the backpack or anywhere for convenience.

5. Solar Charger, X-DRAGON 15000mAh Dual USB Solar Panel Battery Charger

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Make the most of your smartphone even during power outages by using the X-Dragon Solar charger, that provides fast outputs and with dual USB ports to match.

Besides that, it also comes with super bright three-mode LED, which comprises of an inbuilt LED which can be used as a torch.

Moreover, the manufacturers have done well to ensure that it has a rugged exterior which comprises of ABS and silicone for years of performance.

4. BigBlue New 28W Portable Solar Charger Waterproof Sunpower Solar Panels

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Equip yourself with the BigBlue New Portable Solar Charger, which comes with an in-built ammeter and chip for added user convenience.

This solar charger provides wide compatibility, with an attached micro USB that suits almost any type of device.

The safe charge benefits comprise of a high solar conversion efficiency, which makes it perfect for the outdoors.

Users will also appreciate the special PET polymer surface, that does well to ensure that device is safe and for improved longevity.

3. Solar Charger, 8000mAh 3-Port USB Light Solar Power Bank

Solar Charger, 8000mAh 3-Port USB and 21LED Light Solar Power Bank Portable Battery Cellphone...Get it now on

Solar charging has never been this efficient until this solar charger was unveiled in the consumer market.

It comes with a special multi-port US design, which allows for users to charge as many as three devices the same time.

More so, this device also allows for two-way charging, including adapters and with the USB port as well. Further lending to its superior design is that it comes with special material and portable design for added user convenience.

2. Solar Charger, FKANT 15000mAh Portable Dual USB Solar Battery Charger

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Take your phone charging capabilities to the next level by using the FKANT solar battery charger, that provides exceptional charge capacity levels.

It comes with a unique Li-polymer battery that ensures reliable charging and years of performance.

The inclusion of the dual USB ports, lets users charge two devices at the same time.

Furthermore, the unique design of the charge, making it both portable and stylish for your needs.

1. Anker 21W Dual USB Solar Charger, PowerPort Solar

Solar Panel, Anker 21W 2-Port USB Portable Solar Charger with Foldable Panel, PowerPort Solar for...Get it now on

Charging your phone has never been more convenient than without the ANKER Dual USB Solar charger, which comes with fast charging technology.

This type of technology guarantees fast charging results than the conventional chargers available today.

It is incredibly durable since it comprises of industrial strength PET polymer panels that are sewn together into a rugged design unit.

It is also highly portable and with a compact design that can fit into almost any type of backpack.


In the final perspective of things, you need to ensure that you have the appropriate solutions for powering your handheld device.

A good example for you to start with would be the best solar battery chargers for cell phones.

These things are portable and powerful, which makes them the perfect addition for your needs.

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