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Top 10 Best Air Freshener for Cars in 2017 Reviews

To keep your car smelling great, you need the best air freshener for car. Whether you want an air freshener to add scent to your car, or one that absorbs the odors leaving just clean air behind; you will find products to do just that. Here are some short reviews of ten of the best air fresheners for car for sale presently on Amazon. Many of these air freshener for car would work in your home as well.

10. EcoBreeze Ionic Car Air Purifier and Freshener

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The EcoBreeze Ionic air purifier employs an interesting concept of using negatively charged ions to attach to impure air particles and cause them to fall out of the air. This EcoBreeze purifier says it will eliminate odors, pollen, and dust; and kill germs and bacteria. Easy to install, this purifier simply plugs into the cigarette lighter. In a fashionable design, the EcoBreeze Ionic purifier comes in three colors, and this freshener has a blue light to show it is working. Some reviewers felt the EcoBreeze Ionic car air purifier offered only a slight change to the air quality in their cars.

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9. Ozium Smoke and Odors Eliminator

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The Ozium Smoke and Odors Eliminator comes in gel form with a slight citrus scent. This Ozium gel can fit in the cup holder in your vehicle. The Ozium eliminator gel is fairly long lasting, up to 3 months; and this eliminator is useful in the home and office as well as the car. Some reviewers have found it to work well on cigarette smoke. Some consumers have said that this Ozium product takes a while to begin working.

8. Meguiar’s Whole Car Refresher and Odor Eliminator

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Meguiar’s whole car refresher is an easy to use mist spray. Placed in the unoccupied vehicle, while spraying, with the car’s fans on; this Meguiar’s refreshening product penentrates the whole car. This refreshener and odor eliminator leaves a new car scent that lasts for weeks. Some reviewers suggest thoroughly cleaning your vehicle before misting with this Meguiar’s refresher. Some reviewers did not care for this scent.

7. Little Trees Car Air Freshers

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Little Trees car air freshers come in a big pack of twenty-four, costing less than one dollar each, making this the lowest priced of the ten reviewed air freshers. The individually carded tree shaped air freshers feature a nice white water scent, as well as many other scents. Reviewers found these Little Trees car air freshers to only last about three weeks. One reviewer stated that you need to follow the directions to get the most life out of these little air freshers; exposing only a little portion of the tree at a time .

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6. HandStands Refresh Your Car Air Freshener

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HandStands Refresh Your Car air freshener come in a scented gel form. In the clean pleasant summer breeze scent, that most reviewers found attractive, this gel can be used in the home as well as the car. This small discreet HandStands air freshener lasts up to thirty days. HandStands is the number one car air freshener company in the United States.

5. Perk New Car Fresh Link Air Freshener

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Perk New Car Fresh Link air fresheners come in a four pack, and are available in the deep blue New Car clip, as well as six other scent clips. The stylish loop design makes it easy to link other scent clips together, to create your own scent combination. The fragrance is gradually released over thirty days. Most reviewers enjoyed the scents of these Perk fresheners.

4. Kube Scent Car Air Freshener

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Kube Scent Car air fresheners come in a removable and attractive natural beechwood cup with a glass jar of oil which hang on a string. The medium coconut oil fragrance contains no chemical solvents; and the freshener diffuses continuously for sixty to ninety days. Most reviewers found the scent to be pleasant and not overpowering.

3. PURGGO Car Air Freshener

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The PURGGO car air freshener naturally absorbs the odors through one hundred per cent bamboo charcoal for a whole year. Not a spray or gel to mask odors, but an odor eliminator that is safe for kids and pets, the PURGGO freshener is allergy friendly. Reviewers have found that this freshener by PURGGO effectively removes cigarette smoke from their cars; and some reviewers felt this car air freshener would work well in small rooms in their homes, such as a bathroom.

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2. Aromate Natural 3D Air Freshener

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The Aromate air freshener comes in a four pack of hanging liquid air fresheners. The nontoxic organic Aromate 3D fresheners work in car or home. With a reflective 3D design these fresheners are attractive as well. Most reviewers found the vanilla fragrance to be pleasant and to last for about thirty days.

1. North American Pure Citrus Air Freshener

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The North American Pure Citrus Orange air freshener uses one hundred per cent natural citrus oils in a nonaerosol spray with no artificial perfumes. This North American citrus freshener, which eliminates odor naturally, was found to have a pleasant refreshing scent by most reviewers; and also this air freshener is found by reviewers to work effectively on cigarette smoke.